Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - August 2016 - Sunday Whitewood

   I first met Sunday through a mutual friend (thank you Brunella!) for whom I posed for a few pics.  As I was ramping up with my pictorials for the blog, Brunella wisely suggested I consider Sunday as one of the photographers I regularly feature here.  What a brilliant suggestion that turned out to be.

Isa, Brunella & Sunday- picture by Sunday Whitewood

   Sunday is more than a photographer.  She's a DJ and has starred in a couple of Dog Star Production films as well.  Most importantly to me, she's my good friend.  I'm lucky to know so many talented people in SL but luckiest when I can count them as a close friend.  It is my sincere honor to present Sunday Whitewood, Dog Star's August 2016 Performer of the Month!

Sunday - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:  Where in the world do you live, generally speaking?
Sunday:  I am from Paris France. 

Isa:  How did you find Second Life?
Sunday:  I was alone at home, and I had to speak English for a new Job. I saw several times adverts about SL on Internet and some articles in magazines about virtual reality.  So I made my 1st AV and came to SL. I loved it immediately, and I began to love to fly and  teleportation.  

Isa:  How did you get into SL pornography?
Sunday:   When I came to SL, I did some photos but not Erotic , it was mainly landscape, portrait , fashion shows and weddings. But watching some Flickr , I was saying why are you shy,  you like eroticism so just do it. And I began to open a new Flickr and do more.
Sunday - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isa:  Are you interested in photography in RL or is this just an SL thing for you?
Sunday:  When I was young, I did lot of photos; but now I do less, mostly at each trip I made, I take some for memory. 

Isa:  Do you use any special 'tricks' for your pictures?
Sunday:  No special trick, I had 2 good teachers, they gave me their passion and their 'eyes'. 
So my trick is :  "love what you are doing and watch all :  the better frame, the lights and all little details that can ruin your photo". 

Isa:  What do you find most thrilling about being involved in SL pornography?  
Sunday:  I can observe people fantasies more closely, and sometimes fulfill mine too. 

Sunday - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isa:  What is one thing you would change about SL pornography if you could?
Sunday:  The [consensus thinking] of what is a porn photo or a porn movie. It is more than a naughty thought, it is the sharing a feeling and shows the prettiness of bodies touching each others.  

Sunday - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Sunday - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

I asked Sunday to send me 4 pictures she has taken that represent HER...that show off her skills.  Here are the 4 she selected.  Please be sure to check out her Flickr page

"Connie" - picture by Sunday Whitewood

"Lost Town 042" - picture by Sunday Whitewood

"Marika" - picture by Sunday Whitewood

"D2T Fashion Show" - picture by Sunday Whitewood

Sunday has been in 2 Dog Star films:

Some still shots from those films:
From "A Taste of Sunday"

From "A Taste of Sunday"

From "A Taste of Sunday"

From "A Taste of Sunday"
From "Raunch"

From "Raunch"
From "Raunch"

Thank you, Sunday!!
XO - Isa
Isa & Sunday - by Isabelle Cheviot

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  1. Congratulations Sunday! A great selection for performer of the month and always love your work, whether on this blog or Flickr in general.