Friday, August 19, 2016

Pictorial - Biarzenne Necro

When I prepare for these posts, I typically go back and read the IM's I sent to the model asking them if they'd be interested in being on the blog.  Sometimes it's really embarrassing to go back and see what I wrote - in the case of Biarzenne, I realize how ridiculous I must have sounded to her!  Totally like a pick up!  Ugh.  One of the qualities about Biar that I saw then, and still see, is how much of a natural and confident woman her avatar represents and as I've learned more about her, I see just how bright she is.  Biarzenne is a photographer with a really fun Flickr page and has starred in a film by Erin Cedarbridge.  I'm thrilled she's on the blog and am hoping for the chance to work with her in a film soon.

Pictorial by Scotty

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