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Beaver's Digest - Volume 4

This is the Beaver's Digest, and let's get down to business, because we have a lot to talk about this week. What's this? Simply a recap of some of the notable event and releases in the adult arts scene.
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This time I start with magazines and not movies, because the beginning of the month is always when most releases tend to concentrate. And also because it is SUCH a pleasure to open the post with our own Sunday on the cover!

Sept 2016 Cover

" The Fantastic September Issue of PLAYHOUSE is available now and included in this group message. Featured are some of the most amazing people in all SL including:
Pet of the Month - Sunday WhiteWood
Lianca Northman
Lee Everheart
and the return of August 2015 Pet of the Month CeeCee!

If you don't get an issue message Babs Hazelnut, Ember Wulluf or me (JazmynCrystalStorm) for a free copy! "

SL Connoisseur #12 (September 2016)

SL Connoisseur magazine was the following in my list, with another excellent pictorial by Cream Release, an erotic story by Laura Demonista, and in between a whole lot of readable goodies, such as Kayla Bombastic's travel to Mirage and Noctural, two sims by the wonderful Nicasio Ansar. And a nice pictorial featuring TammyJones, lovely interviews, much much more!
Get your copy here on marketplace!

Playmates is avalaible as well. One of the longest running adult/glamour magazines in SL dating back 2007, features a variety of models who won their -highly competitive, be warned!- monthly popularity contest at their HQ! This month also has Bewitched Difference as guest photographer! Read it all on their blog page.

And, for those who 'Need some Attention'...Athena's got some for ya!

"  Along with my co-owners Jon Demen & Brunella Voelisa, I'm proud to release the September issue of Attention Magazine! This month, our Beauty is the incomparable Ali Lancrae. We have articles on everything from the Mirage Gallery to .:Oyo:. Breedables to the genius of John Brianna to Shack Surfboards. So go Back to School with Attention!"
Read the full presentation of this issue, staff changes, rundown of some of the outstanding features and hints of what's to come, on the blog post

I'll also mention how Playhouse came up with a Special separate release for their photoset 'Love in an Elevator'. A more agile format for a set that was part of the thickest magazine in the porn world is an interesting idea for sure!


Mera Firelyte Kitty Club

More SLUTS this week, with the fifth episode of this second season of Intergalactic SLUTS. The episode stills are here, and the movie here. Features in the episode the regular cast plus Mera Firelyte in the titular role, Candy Kane, Scotty, Kayla Bombastic, Severina, Arienne Evangeline, Vicki Concertina, Matthew Carter, Biarzenne Necro-Capalini, and as extras a few other people in rather creative outfits such as Kei Frequency, RachelChristine Avro, Partee, Monique LeFry, myself, and damn, I ran out of space.

Doesn't matter, I take some more space to invite you to bring some feedback about the series, with this episode enjoying a very inspired direction! Pay special attention to the outstanding work made in the sound department (the bar sequences has a flawless edit in both this episode and Persuade and a great blend of different versions of the music score), but the camerawork and the now trademark Emily twists and turns will keep your interest rolling.

I had my chance to waffle about Alexandria Topaz's latest movie as well, on a post on the Sexiest Pornstars blog. Go read if it you wish, but definitely look at Alexandria's two pre-release posts, here and here.

"The story takes place in a photography studio where Photographer, Seth, has had an interests in Shooting a well known Model and Porn Star (Alexandria Topaz). While shooting her through the lens Lustful thoughts are on his mind of how he'dlike to have sex..."

Watch how it ends here!

And, a treat! From a new production company that sets its sight on the magazine world as well, the first movie, using test footage filmed on a set for an upcoming and more ambitious production, here's Hammered. Directed by Samantha Craving and featuring the delectable Gwenivere Shadowcat (nee Caultard) and Rick Hammer. 

 Keep your ears up and eyes peeled for all the movie notices, and the occasional casting call!


Dakota Faith launched a blog, and it's such a pleasure to read her humour adding to her already always cheeky and often outright hilarious photos. Little bits of pontless soon add up!

'The female dragon of SL' Drakaina Lamia aka one of the most characteristic and original adult photographers and filmakers on the scene has updated her blog with more new albums, such as She gets what she wants  and Her last fling .

Check out the whole archive of August while you are at it!

On the Sexiest Pornstars blog I tried to give a modest recap of a couple contests that happened recently, such as the Swallow sponsored one ran by Brea Brianna for her P.A.S.S. group.
Check out the always informative Lumipro blog for more infos on a great initiative for all the photographers tuned in, the Fun In The Sun Photo Hunt!

You don't have to own a Lumipro, be any good at editing or be a Red Dwarf fan to take part in this! Give it a try!

Shiver me Timbers

 The gorgeous Racheal Rexen, just because!

And also speaking about the Pornstars blog, they published a little cautionary post after a series of unfortunate victims of phishing/hacker attacks. As they posted, please be careful and never click marketplace links you are unsure about, especially when they ask you to enter your password!

They happen! All the time!


A rare Adele sighting at Emily's Saturday party! Pic by Erin Cedarbridge on the SL Porn Blog

The highlight this week was probably the party for Attention Magazine's latest issue, Friday at Club Yana. Very well attended and with a varied crowd including one of the stars of the issue, star photographer Samanda Eddingham. What sort of sexy parties are gonna happen next week, I wonder! We'll see!

Friday Attention Release party @ Club Yana

Attention co-owners Athena and Jon, in a picture by Yana Grau, from her complete party coverage on Flickr


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay. Themes for sure get your immagination going.

I Want a Catwa Tongue Piercing!

Kemi Miles wants a Catwa Tongue piercing! if anyone knows how to help...

Larah Sa'fir aka Aicha Price is a model that made an impact on the scene: with a beautiful pictorial on the Midnight Sun Blog and featured by Ali Fox in a great set, she takes also her own pictures! She is an animal lover, so some caution is advised. Ahem!

Larah Sa'fir

I know I should have picked one of the shots that showcase her face better but...D-A-M-N ! (pic by Ali Fox)

Raw and hot, Sidam79 Zenovka not just modeled for Marika Blaisdale in our Dog Star T-girl tuesday pictorial, but also took some of her tradermark fluid-rich photo-stories. Here's a little example from her flickr!

fuck the dirty pregnant

This is almost softcore for Sidam's standards, I tell you!

Active models AND photographers on the scene both were also Bane Caedus and Court 'Pizza Box' Faith. Here's a pic of him, by her! How convenient! They are leading contenders in miss Emily's King and Queen of Porn's contest, by the way, so you might want to go show your support for them...or be soulless bastards and try to dethrone them! I know what I am gonna do!


Bane sporting sporty briefs!

I enjoy a whole lot Simone Landers' Calendar Girls series, and she seems inclined to shoot more of those, so a big praise to her, and to everyone else who has a series going and wants to carry it on. 

Calendar Girls - Miss September

Aimee Arcana is Miss September for Simone. Pick the year you prefer there!

And, all those daring photographers who like to do hardcore shoots! Aria Horan with 'The probe', Waif Ah with Bane, Stacia Reinoir with Zoey Winsmore After the Apocalypse, and some with a wee bit of fun in it even, like Rachel Swallow's latest raunchy Robin tales, in 'The tables were turned'

The Tables Were Turned 2

It was a fun week in porn. Isa took a little break in the weekend but we managed to publish every single day new material, more posts than days in the week! Featuring our performer of the month Ali Fox by Isa, and Dax Rahl, Dakota Faith, Sidam Zenovka, Adele Simondsen, Silky Sirena, Tisha Carfield thanks to the work of PJ Thornton, Marika Blaisdale, Scotty, Sunday Whitewood.
Thanks a lot to Ali and to Rachel Avro for the help sending out notices and see you soon!

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