Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - Ali Fox

Congratulations to this month's Performer of the Month, Ali Fox!

   I remember the day I first met Ali.  I was at a party (shocking) and there was this porcelain ginger that I'd never seen before dancing a bit away from the group.  I loved her look and starting chatting her up talking to her about maybe working on a film at some point.  Not long after that we made A Taste of Ali.
   Ali is not just another model or actress to me - she's been my friend since that first day we met. She's been in 2 released Dog Star films and is a character in a long term project I've been (slowly) working on this year.  She is a fine and unique SL photographer; some of her work has been posted on this very blog!   Ali is a true friend and a true talent.  Enjoy the interview and the pictorial, check out her films and Flickr page, and get to know Ali.  After all, everyone needs a little ginger, right?

Isa:  Tell us how long you've been in SL and how did you get here?

Ali: 3 years this October. In my past SL I was a business owner and club manager. pretty successful too. unfortunately it became more like a full-time RL job, so I put her away. after a couple of years wandering SL without a purpose (and a really long, unhealthy relationship) I stumbled into a PornStar party and was blown away by how freakin' beautiful and welcoming everyone was. (just like me! hehehe) I struck up friendships with a few people immediately, but Isa really took me under her wing and showed me around SL porn. more importantly, she gave me my first break; "A Taste Of Ali". An appropriately title because that experience gave me a taste for porn that has not been quenched. and for that I thank Isa and the rest of my friends for bringing me to where I am now....naked in front of you all, LOL!!!

Isa: Originality is always a quality to which to aspire and your avatar is certainly original.  What was your thought process behind putting it together?

Ali:  I went through so many phases with my avi early on. never really settling on anything. Then I decided I wanted to be "Me" in SL. unfortunately when you're slender, flat-chested, pale, freckled and redheaded you don't have many pornstars to look up to. Then I saw Elle Alexandra and the light went on! I CAN be me in SL and still be a pornstar!!! Also, I wanted a unique look, something one can recognize straight away as being me. I like to change my look with hair and fashion often but I wanted to have a few traits that never change and you'll always know is me. luckily for me, the pale-freckled-redhead thing takes care of that.


Isa:  What is one of the craziest/best/most exciting sexual experiences you have had here in SL?

Ali:  The ONE TIME in all my SL years that I was involved in an orgy that actually happened. more than 20 people if I remember right. Everyone wore masks and had their nameplates disabled and all the sex poses were linked together. too bad I wasn't into photography at the time. the pics would've been so hot!

Isa:  In addition to modeling for pics and films, you take your own photos, many of which are posted here on the Dog Star blog.  Do you have experience with photography in RL?    If so, how do they differ/compare and if not, has your involvement in SL photography prompted an interested in RL photography?

Ali:  I've been involved on the modeling end. so when I saw the opportunity to go on the other side of the camera I really took to it. it has sparked a keen interest in photography IRL for sure. it's just a little cheaper to do in SL ;)

Some of Ali's Dog Star work:

Alexia Carnell
Laura Fox
CJ Spectre
Margarita Blanco

Isa:  Your pics are unique in that you tend to put an artistic filter over them - what inspired you to do this?

Ali:  A willingness and need to do something different than what others are doing, and my inner psychosis escaping.  Really though, I think people have certain colors that surround them and exude from them naturally. I like to try and capture what those colors are. sometimes it works, a lot of times it doesn't. But I go for it every shot and live with all of them equally.

Isa:  Any advice for younger/newer models who might be trying to break into the porn business?

Ali:  Call me. I'll tell ya anything you need to know ;-p

Ali's Film work with Dog Star (to date):

A Taste of Ali
Starring Ali Fox, Isabelle Cheviot

"The 'Taste of...' series have up until now featured me with another woman cast in a more sensual light.  Not so with this one.  I'll let the film speak for itself but I truly enjoyed a chance to spread my legs wings in this latest installment."

Black Magic - Episode 5
Starring Ali Fox, Marcus Strong

"Ali Fox plays a door to door wine saleswoman who really knows how to close the sale.  Watch as she pitches to Marcus Strong...who is selling who?"

Unreleased Project
Starring Ali Fox, Scotty


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  1. Another great and deserving performer of the month. Congrats Ali!