Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pictorial - Miss Emily

     Believe it or not, today's pictorial is the 100th I've posted on the blog!  Before I go on I want to thank a few people who have been instrumental to the growing success of this blog:  Katina, Sunday, Scotty, Chris C, Rachel, and Ali Fox.  Without the content and input from these people, none of this would have happened.  Thank you.  :)

     100 is a big number and to celebrate I wanted to feature someone who honestly needs no introduction.  Miss Emily did not invent SL adult films...but that's about the only thing you can say she HASN'T done.  She has been interviewed by people far better at asking questions than me and you can check out those interviews for more information.  I asked her a few questions related specifically to her film making and the process she employs; I hope you'll find something new and interesting. Without question no one has advanced SL Pornography more than Emily has and it is my true honor to feature her here today with the 100th pictorial.

Pictorial by Scotty

Isa:  First of all, congratulations on the success of your series, Intergalactic Slut's!  That's quite an achievement.  Creating a series like this requires a great deal of organization.  Does this come naturally to you or have you had to work at being so organized?

Emily: To some degree, but this goes beyond natural. Every detail has to be planned months ahead for the most part. I learned with Succubus, my 1st feature length movie that you need lots of folders. Zoey and I started out with an outfit we liked, and then had our first wardrobe change an then a 3rd, scenes weren't filmed in order so remembering what we wore in one scene to the other was impossible we looked at a lot of pictures to make sure everything was matching. If I had known when we started it I would have been more organized.

      With the series, that is planned to go 3 season or more, I started out what I thought was organized but found I needed to be about 10 times more organized. For example, in Sony Vegas you drop a clip in and it’s really a reference back to the original clip, so if you delete the original clip it is also removed from Vegas. I have 3 sound effect folders, I wish I had just one but I didn’t think when I put my first folder in a folder named 2015 and the 2nd in one named 2016 and if I just moved them both to my 3rd folder that is in just in my “Movie” folder all those Vegas reference back to those folder would be useless.  I want to use the same sound for the same object, episode to episode so I often go back to that archives (old episodes on Vegas) to get those sounds, if those references are dead, it makes the job of finding the sound much hard and takes more time. That’s just an example of not thinking when I made a folder of sounds in each season’s folder, and that is just sound effects.

Isa:  For much of your work, you have used a 'pool' of actors and occasionally 'ease one in' to that pool.  Can you explain why you do that and on what basis you decide who to include in films?

 Emily:  People will always work with people they are comfortable with.
A few years back a woman jumped in group chat and basically said, “This group is Bull Shit I have been in it a few months and nothing has happened”. I IMed her, had her come in and I took a look at her, she wasn’t the best, she wasn’t the worst. I was going to show her she was wrong. So within a week I had her in the next movie I was about to do, my co-star. She showed up looking like a noob, maybe I missed it when she came in, maybe I let my ego get the best of me and I thought I could make anyone look good. I had her take off her bling jewelry and told her to put on her best shoes to hid her Flintstone feet and shot the movie. Zoey still gives me a hard time about that movie and how I used a noob.

     After that I decide my movies are good enough quality that I should get actors and actresses equal to that quality. I have a waiting list to get in my movies so no need to use new.

     Feature length movies and a 3 season series is much more of a commitment than a 10 minute movie filmed in a day. You need people you can depend on in the major roles, you would never cast someone that just showed up and said “I want to do porn.”. to a multiple shoot movie. Intergalactic SLUTS 7 original actresses were and are well known in the porn community and people I have complete faith in to show up and get the job done, that was my start.

     By the time we finished the season one’s finally we had 25 cast members 18 of which were in 2 or more webisodes. In September 2015 as season 1 was ending I started to actively look for new & newer cast members for season 2, and most of then became the chain-gang as most know them. They were the ones I was looking after in hopes to keep interested and on the right path until season 2 started. Half way through season 2 and we have added 28 cast members most of which are somewhat new.

    In July I told Sandy and Katina I needed to hunt for more cast members that yielded me Vicki and in watching your movie “Cheating” I noticed, IM'd and invited as an extra interviewed and gave a role to Kayla.
     When I do find new people, like the chain-gang I tell them to get in to one of your movies, to IM you if you haven’t already noticed them. I want them to get experience in a “normal” movie instead of their first experience being an over whelming one in one of my movies. In these big productions we spend about ½ the time on pose balls and ½ off them. Most actions such as walking are done in 3 good takes, 3 different angles, in case one has a flaw or one is much better than the others. We do a lot of facial close ups, standing with AO’s off and facial emoting.

Isa:  You've been in the SL porn business for quite awhile now - can you speak about the direction things are going and what you see as the biggest impediments to its continued growth?

Emily:  Well back in the olden days, it seemed there were about 4 photographers to 1 director. Now it seems to be 15 photographers to 1 director. I blame it on the quality of movies being better now. Back then most movies were shot, edited, and uploaded in the same day. The movies were one piece of adult furniture and jump on pose balls, no adjusting and no story. It was like they were getting paid by the amount of movies they got finished in a week.

     There are more magazines now with way too many pages; like the rushing directors of yesteryear the magazines must be getting paid by the number of pages they have publish. It use to be prestigious to be in a magazine now it’s like put everyone you can in it NOW!!

     Blogs were more the trend, I have 100 blogs in my  * SL PORN * blog roll we use to show the top 25 most active and most of them had activity in then within the last 2 week. I reduced that down to 10 and even some of those aren’t update in the last 2 weeks. Flickr seems bigger than ever with many people having over one thousand followers

     The biggest impediments to continued growth?  Project Sansar, will it be like a tidal wave and sweep ½ of us away to it, cutting the pool in ½ or sweep everyone away to it like mesh bodies did? Free land for everyone no lag even in crowds, can all use Ultra graphics with no slowing and do we get to keep all those inventory items we spent so much money on?

Isa:  Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions.  One last one - can you tell us one thing about you that no one else knows?  :)   Anything at all!!

 Emily:   I get a little nervous when directing and think everyone is wondering if I really know what I’m doing. But with more experience I find it helps by telling the cast of each shoot, what the scene is why it is, what the goal is and even how I’m shooting it. Whether they care or not it does help me.

Isa:  I want to thank Emily for taking time out of her schedule to answer these questions in such detail and Scotty for his fine pictorial.  Enjoy the rest of the pics!


  1. A very interesting interview and a wonderful collection of pictures of the iconic Miss Emily. This lady is an inspirational lynchpin who has done so much and continues to produce amazing work that has revolutionised the industry. I myself am so proud to have been able to star in many of her productions ever since I was hired as an extra in LWS; all praise to the fabulous Miss Emily ( I loved the term 'Flintstone feet'.)

  2. Very insightful. Emily's organization must be excellent for the volume and quality to be as remarkable as it is. Interesting about Vegas too.

  3. Thank you for doing this Isa and Scotty!! It was nice to have some question a little different then the basic ones!!

    Thank you Larry :)