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Beaver's Digest - Volume 11

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest. This is the winning 11 issue, with a dream team of sexy stuff that has been going on in the so called porn scene. Now, let's kick this off and see who scored!


Once more we have a nice and intense week for movies. Let's get straight to number one.

My second video for DGD Production, This is a longer one around 15min so give yourself the time to watch it , its totally worth it :) The link will be changing in the next couple of days to a site with more room but for now you all can enjoy it here, I hope you like it.

I don't think that you need any introduction to Ryu Quasimodo and Moonie (if you do, go the 'blog / website' section and I have a link for you!)
Like the previous Dirty Girl Dreamz movie 'Leaked home video', this 'Pool Surprise' is one real labour of love for the couple, with Ryu's filming and editing but Moonie's active collaboration and creative drive. This time it also factors in one of their best friends, the lovely Sedated 'Seddy'   Constantine.

The video quality is pristine and you'll find just so much hotness. I am sure it's not a 'surprise' to you that it involves some hot lesbian action and a threesome finish, and I have yet to find someone who objects to that line of conduct! Also, glad to see that Moonie gets some promotion going and made a blog post about it (blogging is one of the many activities she has been doing throughout her illustrious porn career). Enjoy the blog presentation and video on the DGD website!

Moving on to more cross-medial projects: I had the chance to mention the Caught on Camera series that one Igor Romanov has been doing on Flickr. Well, I am happy to report that the pornographer with the halloweenest name of them all is involved in a movie as well now...With a Romanian of all people! But it's not spooky at all...

OMG... Hidden security cameras caught Igor and myself in a hotel room in Washington DC. Enjoy...

Caught on Film: Starring Igor Romanov

Starring director Kayla Whittaker in a typical Digital Visage production shot in black and white, it's a pleasure to see an enthusiastic member of our community work on a joint project. And he even gets to wear his favourite outfit for this! He probably didn't get to play chess, but that's perhaps for the next porn remake of The Thomas Crown Affair.

Speaking of favourite outfits, Fury Kenzo dons one I have seen being a hit in the porn community lately (beats me why!). And he does it in BeeQueen Smythe's latest, Steampunk Deviance.

The Busty Bee brings to video her unique aesthetic sense that you can admire every month in her comics on Attention Magazine. Already an experienced filmaker, she films the eager newcomer in what I am sure he will remember fondly next time he gets another interview!

Oh but look at the time! Did the bell just ring? It's already time for my Pornstars the Red Light movie of the week! And yes, it's one more chapter, the final, I presume, of the School series!

Star studded cast in this one, with Alexandria Topaz, Scotty, Rachel Avro, Mezzman Darkmist and of course Maite Melody and Camron. Here the cheerleaders team, after performing in the stadium for a game that I am sure had to be called off for excessive pyrotecnics from the crowd, end up doing some more graceful calisthenics, but in the boys locker room.

You can just imagine what happens when those seasoned jocks get their chance to be with these very much legal teenagers! It's another really pleasing production from a director who is keeping a steady flow of movies going, all very competently shot, with a non plain camerawork, good editing, proper credits.

One newcomer to this digest, but who already directed some videos in the past weeks is the girl called Carly Morrisey. She released 3 videos this week, who are part of a series with a long narrative arc.

Every episode is a little over 2 minutes yet it manages to carry on the 'present day' timeline and show off in a concise but very effective way all sorts of evocative, erotic imagery from the past. The rendition of the plot is impeccable and the premise is truly exciting and deliciously twisted.

This project is something truly new and fresh in the porn scene. The non-linear chronology and the modern and crisp editing give it the look of a well polished, professional web series. I am really looking forward to see how far this trip down memory lane can go!

Here's the link to Part 1 featuring also Jezzi Mornington and Bane W. Caedus
Her Revenge. Pt. 1 (Full Version) - Naughty Machinima
Part 2 with Bane and Malone
Her Revenge. Pt. 2 (Full Version) - Naughty Machinima
Part 3 with Seddy Constantine, Grunter and my ass (no, really!).
Her Revenge. Pt. 3 (Full Version) - Naughty Machinima

Some websites that deal comfortably with porn are a little squeamish when it comes to blood, so some of the planned Halloween movies have been bumped off (boo!). It's the case of JennyLou's Horny Zombies trilogy, which I will for sure cover next week, as next week the Digest will come out exactly on the 31st and there will be a special of sorts. Meanwhile, Jenny uploaded some of her older movies and made new ones...oh my, there would be so much to blog!

I must give a preliminary shoutout already though to Miss Emily's first movie of the year, a welcome break from her mega-series schedule Intergalactic Sluts.

As usual, Emily does promotion perfectly, from movie stills uploaded both on her blog and flickr, a proper poster, the actual movie hosted in HD on the blog, and even parties thrown at the location where she shot it!

I'll have to cover this again next week, but meanwhile just enjoy the movie there, because I promise, if you look at it, you will notice some 'stunts' that you simply won't see in any other movie around. Or perhaps you won't notice, because Emily always makes everything look easy. So you can focus on the naughty fun!


I know already in the coming weeks we'll be swarmed by new releases. I saved for next week some interesting Halloween releases from as early as a month ago that deserve ampler blogging. I am going to tell you about a couple new magazine issues that came out, though...

First off it's JosMiguelch's Sinfuly Divine, at his second issue! A photo magazine from start to finish, it is based again on Jos photography, who featured in this issue sexy models like Margarita Blanco, Estella Lowey, Cheryl Reddevil! Gervirah's photography also brings some damn sexy views on , featuring models credited mostly with their first name. No shortage of those hot studs either, with models like Daemon King (lilunit1), in an issue with SinfullySassy PHX as centerfold!
Just explore this magazine and there's no reason why you wouldn't want to be part of it! Contact Jos, SinfulSassy or Gervirah to be in the next issue!

Speaking of 'being part of a magazine', I'll extend a shoutout for you guys who want an acknoledgement for your skills. Coming from Occasus, editor of one really finely made mag I had the chance to blog on Sexiest this spring.

" kinkSTYLE Magazine wants to know how you celebrate the holidays. Our December issue is in the works and we are looking to feature 3 kinky photos from members of our community showing us how they celebrate the holidays! Please enter your submissions to kinkSTYLE's flickr group...Deadline is November 10th . See below for rules:
1. All entries need to be submitted to the kinkSTYLE Magazine group on Flickr and need to be titled "kinkSTYLE Hot 'N Heavy Holiday Search." Here is a link to the group:
2. Nudity is fine, however please no explicit penetration photos....think more along the lines of "the illusion" of sex.
Please head over to and look at our past issue to get an idea of the style of the magazine.
3. Photos submitted must be taken by you. This is not a model search, it's a photography contest.
4. Keep it in the holiday theme, whatever that means to you!
5. Be kinky! "

Now, let me move on to something else always dear to my heart...

I am always so happy when a new issue of Brit-X hits the stands! Kat Kassner's magazine is one of the longest running adult mags in SL as she underlined almost in shock in our interview!
And it is one gorgeous mag! And the only one who gives away posters, I believe!

Featuring the Brit-X debuts of Marika Blaisdale and Bree McMahon + the returns of several sexy Brit-Xers - Issue 15 has finally arrived. There's 5 Questions with Pink Paradise club head honcho Szpiga Shan and highlights on the Guy Fawkes Exhibition and Brit-X's new Club, Holly's Loft.

I'll probably cover more about the issue for Halloween, on which the all brits team always puts a nice twist thanks to their Guy Fawkes' exhibition. Look out for the wonderful pictorials by Laredo, Holly, Paige and of course Kat, Kat, Kat and Kat!

Laura Richards had another week with 20+ photos, so she -definitely- could make and publish her own mag...

Next week, I'll cover more magazines. Feel free to send me your suggestions, but let's stick to the ones that actually exist, if possible!


I have to open the blog section with porn royalty! Well, all for fun, of course, but this is a reminder of Emily's contest for monthly Princesses and Prince of porn, eventually culminating in a Queen and King of porn. After Prince Chris C. last week, this is Princess Brea Brianna , in a delightful shoot by Partee 

The contest is open to everyone (if you are not in it already just IM MissEmily23 Resident and send her a full perm square photo of yourself), and there are quite prestigeous rewards!

from the PnC Blog, Ryu by Rachel Avro

Still pouring off the movie section, you can't miss on Alexandria Topaz's blog the double interview with Moonie and Ryu Quasimodo! Dusty Pedroia and Rachel Avro did excellent work again.

Felicity aka Felicityfetish Resident shared this blog address with the chat, and I am hooked! It's a great presentation of her varied photo work, and so naughty. Definitely follow it, and I hope she'll keep updating it and add more, it's so very promising.

Midnight Shinja does his excellent features again, with pictorials this week of Mera Firelyte, Naughty Ahhh, Marika Blaisdale

I already mentioned the blog of the deceptively cute (cuz she's HUGELY talented and crafty) Ravi a couple weeks back, for a great post covering the basis of filmaking and camerawork.
This time another post worth reading, getting into one of the trickiest aspects. Planning your movie! It is of course Ravi's take on the subject, which might or might not suit your needs....but that is what got her to make the impressive movies she did . Enjoy the post, very informative, on her blog, fresh of makeover!

Ali Lancrae keeps her Confidential Men series going, adding the unique personality of Bane W. Caedus to the mix. Guys are somewhat of a rare commodity in the world of SL porn, funnily enough, and this series is great to highlight some. And any chance to see Ali put her photography to good use is very welcome!

Last but not least, Aroused magazine has a new website, and you might want to check it out! It is going to be a good way to view the new issues without the pesky 'log into Issuu' passage to go through, and also  it will feature some 'extra' content!


Partier than ever, I tell you! Lots of parties happen in the pornstars community. Everyone at Dog Star was delighted to see a party being organized to celebrate the talent of one of our most committed and skilled photographers, the lovely Sunday Whitewood.

Sunday has been a real protagonist of the pornstars scene ever since her debut. We are personally grateful to her for her impressive work on the blog, but so are the dozens, literally, of people that she shot for her Dog Star blog full pictorials. And so are the ones she captured in candid snaps all over the parties she manages to attend. Myself as well!

photo by Yana Grau on Friday's Sunday party! background artwork of course, by Sun! Hey, no touchie no ear-pickie!

We showcased just a fraction of Sunday's work for us at Dog Star, for Playhouse magazine, and for her uber-sexy naughty flickr (yes because she has a 'soft' one, as well for your fashion-friendly viewing pleasure). These 'gallery' parties that showcase artists through the monitors at the club seem very well liked, and Yana and myself would be really delighted to hear more ideas for parties of this kind, using the capabilities of the venue. Shoot us an IM and we'll assist!

Emily's "Would you have sex with a Zombie?" Challenge, with Candy! (picture by MissEmily)

Other surprises of the week? Besides some nasty SL shortage for a minority of users on Friday, surely the Brit-X party at their new location Holly's Loft, and Miss Emily's Humpday party taking place at the mansion haunted by one nasty ghost..and zombies!

Great shots of this party and last week's, hosted by Ayara and with such a diverse crowd! ( link 1 ) ( link 2 )

Ayara's party as well for the second week in a row moved into a spooky setting, making for the most colourful yet darkest party around! If you can imagine such a thing!
Can't wait for the one of this week, as we are headed into Halloween and we expect all sort of crazy Samhain stuff going on!

Gorgeous Anyka Aiseiri snapped by Igor Romanov

But to me the 'real' highlight are the regular parties in our party circuit. I find always amazing how the different clubs who have been assigned a slot manage to very rarely if at all miss a show without any of them having profit in mind, just fueled just by passion for the community. A big thank you to them! If you can offer the same, you are welcome to join the schedule, chat with the party planner Moonie and look for opportunities to network. And if you take party photos, we'll always be happy to point them out!


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of '10 at 10' and 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so yay!

..Monique.. - Rob Roxley

Stuffed... - Larah Sa'fir

...yes, 3 ass pics, ok? Who said I was going to feature one pic per each meme? :p
Ok what is new in the world of photography? Why, there is ALWAYS something new. The single photos come in bountiful, and I wish there were an easy way to showcase all of them. Many are Halloween themed, but I expect a lot more will come soon.

Now off the top of my head I can say that this week...

Summer Heat - Dokie

The Dokielicious Doobie Dokie came back to photography! One of the most inventive and versatile photographers around, I cannot help but hope that she'll delight us with more shoots soon again.

She gets your motor running! ( Check out SL Connoisseur #13 )

The sassypants Cream Release - wait what pants?-  was just about done releasing her shots and outtakes from the SL Connoisseur centerfold featuring herself, and now she is inflicting upon us the sexiness of the shoot with Lara Dieterle too! Curse you, Release! I guess we'll really have to follow your flickr!

Tammy in a pretty studio photo by mr. Click!

Elroy Click, true to his last name was quite the shutterbug with captivating shots of models like Tammy Jones, Larah Sa'fir, Maddie Taylor, Aho Shinn-Deed. Remarkable work from him!

Moon moons us! Yes, i await patiently ass shots with her or Moonie, JUST so that I can make this joke. Sad.

Omer Smithson continued his colourful 'Pornstars' series, showcasing a variety of models from the group, and with an open casting call. If you appreciate his work, feel free to toss him an IM or flickr message, he is really easy to work with.

Julia did also a version of this lovely photo by Zepp, here. Don't you love collaborations?

A tremendously promising series is also being made by the good Zepp Zander, who so far featured Rachel Swallows, Azura Lowbeam, Julya Lykin, Seliah Oakleaf and more in his 'Boudoir sketches' spreads. That on top of other sensual pictures. Definitely a series, and a photographer, to keep an eye on!

Speaking of loving collaborations...

Zepp also was one of the plenty people who went under Marcus Strong's lens this week. Marcus made such an amazing progress as a photographer. Not only his series of trading cards is advancing and will easily pass the 100 mark, but he also has regular other projects going, with quite arousing sex shoots, and not all of them involve himself! Big props to Marcus for giving so much to the community and keep his flickr under close scrutiny!

Some day we'll see Larry play the role of Kato in a porn remake of The Green Hornet. Mark my words.

Speaking of series, definitely with a sweet halloween 'mood', enjoy Mera Firelyte's 'A treat for...' project. She included so far 8 between males and shemales, and it's the type of series that screams 'be a part of this'. Ok, perhaps 'be a purrrrt of this, meow', but you get the idea...

PJ' s' O !

But besides the fun of this little project and her passion for involving other people, Mera is being consistently a protagonist of some of the hottest photoshoots, like her latest 'Autumn love' with Logan O' Leary
Other smouldering sex shots of the week? Anderson Cruise with color commentary by Laura Spain Neox, Aria Horan's Firelight Burning Bright, 'Shower Time with PJ' and 'Make me choke' by Ben ( he was bitten by a radioactive sasquatch, evidently!), Dea Santis with 'Public Friday' and collaborating with Jagger Draconis in 'Remote', as did Nuur at the Playground...

Jagger is a poster boy for my favourite energy drink!

More sets? Sure, how about 'Enjoying the new tub' with the wonderful Larah, by Rob Roxley? Or 'Candy having fun with Big Daddy' by Joethecondor, Sergey Uralia busy with 'Sasha and Deedee', 'Naughty School girl by Anthony aka Glock Weezles, featuring the dreamy model Mandy...And I must say, it was a lot of fun to be involved in a session of 'The Three of us' kind, with the gorgeous and very talented Cheryl Reddevil.
So many lovely photos by Rachel Swallows again, such as the Bathing in the Moonlight photoset, and Sasquatch Rhino keeps making hotties like Anyka and Marika pose!
I'd stretch this digest overwhelmingly if I had to mention these wonderful artists all the time, always keep an eye on them!

Here's Sas'latest, because really, it's like publishing a whole set in one photo!

I am glad if this Digest helps you notice some things you'd have overlooked. I certainly overlook a lot, and I can only invite you to use all the tools possible to promote your work. We love on the Dog Star blog to feature sexy and flat out panties creaming lewd material, so please, don't be shy about contacting us and offer a collaboration. This week on the blog we happily featured Moon in her 'paparazzo' photoshoot, Racheal Rexen and Ben, Aran by and with Marika Blaisdale, Court Faith and Samantha Van Damn by Scotty, more work from the gorgeous Silky Sirena and of course our other weekly appointments. We are grateful for your appreciation!

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