Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dog Star Performer of the Month - October 2016 - Urmeli Ellisson

I am pleased to announce Urmeli Ellisson as the October 2016 Performer of the Month for Dog Star Productions.  Urmeli has been in 3 Dog Star Productions to date and is a regular at many of the SL porn parties.  She's super friendly and very professional to work with.  And damn, she's sexy as hell too!

Pictorial by Scotty

Isa:  Where in the RL are you from, generally speaking? 
Urmeli:  I am from Germany.


Isa:  How did you find Second Life?
Urmeli:  I found second life in the year 2009 by a friend which one played there already.

Isa:  How did you get into SL pornography?
Urmeli:  In 2014 I thought about whether there is also pornography in Second Life.
I told my thoughts to my partner Ravi. Together we went to search for it. And then found the Sexiest Pornstars group.



Isa:  Tell us about your avatar:  which mesh avy, do you use a mesh head?  If so, which one?    Favorite hair places?
Urmeli:  I use Maitreya mesh body and a mesh head from LOGO called Alex. I prefer hair from Catwa or Truth but also love hair´s from gachas.


Isa:  What is the best part of being a porn star for you?
Urmeli:  The best part of being a porn stars is the community itself. The contact with the others and having fun. It´s like a family for me. Not having to be alone and going to the parties.  The other aspect is that I can put my Avatar in scene with its benefits and can live out fantasies.


Isa:  What are the biggest challenges you see with SL Porn?
Urmeli:  To always be up to date. Not having so much time for S, because of RL.

Dog Star films in which Urmeli has performed:
A Legal Affair
A Taste of Urmeli

Urmeli's Flickr page


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