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Beaver's Digest - Volume 9

Welcome to the Beaver's Digest! It's issue 9, but I hope our German readers won't feel denied.
If you missed something in the immense flow of the Sexiest Pornstars group notices, and if a daily recap of SL Porn notices is not enough concise for you, well there you go!
A quick(ish!) summary of movies, mags, blog posts and some picked pics in the magmatic world of erotic photography. Off we go!


Who doesn't love the spotlight? This chick from area code 514 does! Who doesn't love Dillon? ...well, eew. For some reason she does, though, and this is her latest, She Loves The Spotlight!

Carly has developed her own aesthetic througout her fledging director career, which finds in Dillon's very....dillonesque style a perfect complement. Since Dillon looks like a modern (and heterosexual) version of Liberace, with his funky hair, trinkets and even trunks that make you want to learn pentatonic scales, this is yes, a porn music video!

Porn, but Carly also gave the flickrites (remember, ADULT content on videos in flickr is always susceptible to be flagged and removed. Sad!) a clean version for everyone's appreciation. Now be good guys and just watch the dirty one, please.

Featuring Carly & Dillon and with a contribution of shaman Rob Roxley for special effects, this is a great example of effective editing over a catchy tune that I am sure will leave you very pleased. Regular NM commenter Don Sergio chimed in ' "You've found the right combination of everything..." , and I feel like quoting him on that one. Carly by now has really down to an art how to show off explicit sex with the pace and look of a music video.

On the opposite spectrum in terms of lenght we have a 40 minutes long movie from, you guessed it, this week as well Pornstars The Red Light. Algerian director CamronJade brings us the newest part in his School Pornstars The Red Light series, the third one!

With greater lenght comes the need for a bit of text, but most of it is quite self explanatory. It's basically the story of an individual with wild hair who angrily chases off some latinos and brazenly abuses his position of power grabbing girls by the pussy and bringing them in places full of furniture. ...hey, really.

The movie features as protagonist Billy, with Carlos Sutherland and Edu Baker starring in a scene, and the female roles covered by Dorable and by Maite Melody, also his assistant director. Big props to Maite for helping the production company step up their game, as she also made a lovely poster for the first part of the series. In general the more well polished the presentation is, the better the whole 'playing pornstar' game feels. And props to Cameron for putting always good care in his credits section and letting the camera flow with interesting shots all the time!

What to say about 'International Lust' , our Dog Star movie production of this week? This was a project very close to Isa's heart. Off with the technicalities first: the movie features performers from different nations, namely Sunday Whitewood, Mysy Theia, Marika Blaisdale, Rachel Avro, Chris C, Mirko Panacek, Severina, Maxim and myself, paired up with US performers like Marcus Strong, Scotty and of course Isa herself. What's the angle of this movie?

This movie's concept came about in the early days of September, and some of the footage dates back then. RL time constraints and the proverbial difficulty to schedule people or just find the appropriate matches online at the same time made preferrable to delay it. I have to say, it was quite moving, hear Isa talk about this project and the need to 'give back' through her only expressive voice something she feels she as an American received back in the day. She explains it in her post and is very candid about it and the true spirit of this celebration, that goes in its message past and beyond the anniversary of a particularly gloomy event, and embraces that eternal spirit of solidarity.

So again, read her thoughts in the post, but rest assured. It is a movie with a clear message, one hopefully hard not to share, but it's also a compilation of very well shot sex scenes in pure Dog Star tradition. So don't be shy and enjoy some cosmopolitan copulations!

And finally, the newest flick from Ivana Hanni, themed around her multi-year experience as head of the eponymous Castle, is a 'Business Deal'.

The narrative adds to the interest of these two minutes. Kept short and sweet, this latest effort from Ivana offers a few inspired views on a popular and intriguing theme. Some of you might even want to do some 'business' with her!


We had one big magazine release this week, and when I say big, i mean BIG.

I could spend probably hours enumerating the huge amount of interesting features in this month's issue. Let me just say that I never thought a monthly publication with the characteristics of Attention (lifestyle mag, low ads, solid writing) could exceed in page count the mammoth that is Playhouse magazine (a magazine focused on lenghty non-postprocessed photoshoots, who often hit the 500 pages mark in the past). This month, Attention hits a whoppin 460 pages!

Attention credit roll, humorous as they are. The mag is currently co-owned by Athenaisc, Jon Demen, Brunella Voelisa.

Of course this statement is a complete non-sequitur. I am sure the aim is not to make a BIG magazine, but to make a GREAT magazine, and the efforts of the team are truly impressive. The interesting part about this publication is that it could be split up in two (a chainsaw is recommended) and make 2 perfectly well fleshed out issues. We have two fashion features with two AMAZING designers that would make any magazine proud, interviewed by Partee (and she gets a scoop or two too doing that!), two exciting photographer spotlights (Marika Blaisdale, Rob McRae), two perfectly sexy 'themes (fall-themed shoots by Zuby and by The Ravisher, nekos by Rachel Swallows, Barracuz, Scotty, Athena)...

Neko Ella flashes Pac-Man, who might consider taking a blue pill to rise to the occasion.

....two features by Isle Biedermann, two artsy and beautifully quirky shoots (one by Whims, one by Graham), double Bee, double Brea... Heck, even the centerfold gets a double, with Zoey Winsmore shot by both the lead photographer Brea Brianna and by the portrait artist Manuel Poza. And so many photos from the Attention Magazine Flickr Group, which I invite you to join so your photo will be eligible to receive publishing honors next issue!

One of the many gorgeous photos picked from the flickr submissions (link)

So many models, so little space. Just pick up the issue from your virtual newstands, aka groups and kiosks, and the ever handy Marketplace!

also easy to check online here in the embed on their blog..

More magazines will follow this week, so there won't be any drought, and we'll even party accordingly!

Meanwhile you can also check out an interview with the always entertaining creative Alexus Minotaur, done by one of the best interviewers in the 'biz' and another historic name of porn, Priscila Balogh, for Slut Magazine.
The title of the interview is very fitting , and those who are not familiar with how influential and in many ways ground breaking the work of Alexus has been through the years, will enjoy checking it out here:


I said 'interview'? Well, obviously i have to mention Alexandria Topaz's blog then! Not content with releasing a new chapter of Bitchboy Camp for SLAfterDark, Alexa grabbed (not as 'inappropriately touched'....well ok maybe too, I wouldn't know!) this week good ole Nakuru Bergamasco, and the interview has just the type of sparks you'd expect! And Alexa secured an interview also with the lovely Racheal Rexen...

Jezzi with her beloved Racheal, by a warm light.

...which, on top of being the gorgeous model she is, keeps regularly updated Miss Emily's blog AND blogs her own shoots too, together with Jezzi. Again big props to Racheal for doing it!

Cyberkat Bekkers started a new flickr, including some classic shots like this, and a new blog!

Speaking of porn kitties, Cyberkat Bekkers is one long traditioned name in our circles, and the new blog they set up plays up perfectly with the particular style of the photos. Do check it out and follow !

And what better artist, and truly historic name in the world of our adult groups, than Midnight Shinja? Two new pinup posts from him this week , featuring XKrystalX (above) and Creamy Au (below).

The lovely Athena, the one with the serial number 0232 (not saying the 1191 one is any less lovely) keeps a regularly updated blog showing off her various looks like a professional blogger, but also showing way more! Enjoy this little view coming from Sunday's party at Club Yana's and visit her for more, including the steamy part 2 of this set, published as I type this...


I said party (and I showed Don), well now we are partier than ever! There was literally not a single day without a pornstars party going on last week, some time more than one, and I know there's more interest for that too. The person to contact for this sort of arrangement is Moonie (inworld name Deka Teardrop). She dj'd the newest regular party of the week, at Rachel Swallows' Fornicatio Club and Wall of fame.

Rachel and her first DJ attempt, before she had to replace the control board for a freak nail accident. Feel the music!

A real winner of an idea, with a 'fresh' looking venue themed around our community. Set to be on every Tuesday starting 11 am SLT. For this successful opening Moonie was the dj, and she tagged in Johnny Whadd for more hours of music. Meanwhile Mirage Gallery was holding a party for the newest art exhibit , featuring a wonderful artist in Lulu Jameson, with Sunday as DJ. Another memorable evening, and the exhibition is still going.

A small view of Sandra's exhibition, taking place at Katme's gallery right now

Little Intermission there as I tout Katme's newest exhibition, featuring Sandra Palletier. Katmee's sim is a great spot for any photographer to take photos, and to put on display their artwork. She is a completely approachable and amiable person (with a very naughty streak too), so don't let her sim be one of the best secrets in SL, and visit, naughtiness is allowed, approved and in fact encouraged!

Star of the issue of Attention, Marika Blaisdale at the launch of the magazine this Friday, in a pic by Yana

To wrap up quickly the party section: go check out the freshly updated Official Pornstars Party page. If you are 'new' to the business or you feel you are not getting anywhere, things don't move quickly enough, etc, consider attending one of those parties. You'll be seen, and so many roles have opened to people simply mingling during one of those events.

Picture courtesy of the always active SL Porn Blog!

A lot in porn is about chances , luck, timing and juggling the best you can with RL but when you meet the right person and have the right attitude, it works out. Don't think low about yourself or be jaded about 'the business'. Try to see parties as opportunities, but just come to have fun!
Starting perhaps today with today's 1-3 PM party at The Abbey, with Ayara Illios ad DJ!


Being featured on the Ass Monday, Topless Tuesday, or the exquite selection of 'Ladies Night' by Ali Lancrae on the Sexiest Blog is often a goal for the members of the porn community. We see a great response for the Fellatio Friday theme on this blog as well, so... copy and paste, I know. But thankfully we keep a regular schedule (now that I said it, something cataclismic will happen....) that still is VERY far from covering completely or satisfactory the sheer amount of sexy that happens in the Sexiest group alone.

Happy Ass Monday from Jenny Starveling

The Okiddo Theater proudly presents... the tittiest photo ever seen on a Tuesday. Topmost Tuesday?!

PJ Thornton in 'Ambition'...well there's a bit of everything here!

... Again, remember to upload your Fellatio Fridays posts on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group so we can pick those up easily. We also accept exclusive submissions. Remember that the post is on Friday but our love for blowjobs goes all week-long, so don't you worry and post any day.

RubberGirl and Cream Release are just 2 of the models in Ben's series.

So many series in porn are not really 'porn' but about the porn people, the 'stars'. And I enjoy that bit, I think it has a very distinct place in building the community and 'stars' up as long as it is not prevalent. Everyone loves great portraits! I am loving The Notorious Ben's series. 'In the virtual West', inspired by Richard Avedon's work.

still by Ben, Tight Hogtie, featuring Rachel Jiadom

And then again, WOW when he does porn, he does -awesome- porn. We'll see more of the series with the gorgeous Racheal Rexen on Fellatio Friday, but if you have even a passing interest in bdsm themes, 'Walking the Line' and all the other great photos made this week by this man in black are going to make you swoon.

Damian Willard's debut in the porn industry, Take it. Court gives opportunities to so many models.

Court Faith remains very active on the scene with sex shoots galore: Heavenly Spent,  and Take it  are the lenghtier shoots, but you can see her produce plenty photos and send out casting calls all the time. It can be your chance. She had public words of appreciation in the notices for the models too, which is always good to hear!

That is what artists do. See matters from a different point of view.

Zomg, Aria Horan has been amazing this week. No lenghty photoset, just smaller snaps from encounters from various moment in time, most in her 'mixed sweets' album. Enjoy some outrageously sensual even if (even if? why do I feel the need to add that? it's the traditional 'if it's explicit it can't be art' stigma that I fought against all these years?) very explicit photos.

A contrast in skintones with beautiful results. Hailey and Kyllean.

Hailey Marie Redrose, NP Milneaux, Tatiana Easterwood, Marika Djannovic, the double jointed and double follicled Monique LeFry are the models that Zuby Gloom shot so far in her own new series, so far with Kyllean Oryl as co-model. Black & White: simple idea, perfect execution. One more reason to check out her marvellous flickr.

in 'Turning back time' Igor shows his quite sizeable clock on camera. Yes, you read it right...

It's great to see Igor Romanov tackle a new series as well, and it's an intriguing body study, on black rather than on white. Check out 'Bodies', on top of the other photos Igor is experimenting with, the continuation on his 'Caught on Camera' album as well and all the surprises we know he's capable of.

Every new episode of Sasquatch Rhino's 'Make me Pose' series is nothing short of an event, and he doesn't disappoint this week with a torrid shoot featuring Rachel Avro and Iris Okiddo (above), and one with Larah Sa'fir and Larry Vinaver.

Speaking of Larah/Aicha..

Mera Firelyte has really stepped up her photography, and involves a variety of hot models. The ever active Marcus Strong in an open space office meeting, for instance. And look out for her shoots last week with Ali Fox ( Night in the Tub ) and with Larah (Redheaded Romance). A set in blue and one in red, she needs just one in white and then it's time for the Decalogue! (yes, a Kieslowski reference, there.)

Moonie and her Lunch Break set. Appetizing, ain't she?

Many models and photographers keep a high level of activity throughout the scene , from Marcus Strong with his card and Storytime series, to Dax Rahl, Akira Kira, and the almost too 'usual' suspects like Laura Demonista that I neglect to mention because they always deliver. She did a couple dozen of pics this week....and if you think I am ribbing, go on her flickr now and count.
Follow the Sexiest flickr group and you will see most of them, at least those who happily embrace the 'pornstars' scene, together with many more incredible artists.

With so many photos for Attention, Partee always tries to have time to model too. This was taken for Slut magazine by perennial busybee Rachel Swallows, featuring Emmanuelle Jameson! Enjoy the whole set!

Another busy week for Dog Star: a movie release, Fellatio Friday, Marika and Dakota on T-girl Tuesday, pictorials of Britney Fairlady and TaylorZan by Sunday, Athena0232 by Scotty, and a great feature on the girl of the week, ms. Rachel Swallows herself.
Enjoy this new week, and look forward to moar porn!

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  1. Another great beaver, Kat, and thanks so much for your kind words. I have to say I must agree with you on the explicit vs art argument, and I'll add another one: the idea that using candids instead of posed shots is somehow a lesser form of photography. It's not just shoot and hope - a lot of thought - mostly subconscious thought - goes into my work: angles, composition, lighting (just windlights, mind you, because I live shadows), animation loop reading to get that 'perfect' shot, while simultaneously engaging in creative RP emoting. And then comes editing and a range of choices there also. Anyway, spleen vented, Once again, great work on the blog: you are a treasure.