Sunday, October 30, 2016

Marcus Strong - Dog Star Performer of the Month - November 2016

Marcus and I first collaborated for my Empire project, which was followed up shortly after that by his role in Black Magic Episode 5.  I was in a photo series of his somewhere along the way and he was in another Dog Star film as well, called Raunch.  He is professional, committed to the craft, and definitely looks great on film.  He has become a fine photographer, with some clever ideas, and let's just call it what it is...he's the consummate ladies man. Everybody loves Marcus!

Please enjoy this brief discussion he and I had and the fine pictorial taken by his lovely partner-wife-lover-friend Ali Fox!

Isa:  First - generally speaking, where in the world are you from?
Marcus:  The United States of America. Texas is my home

Isa:  How did you get into SL?
Marcus:  A friend told me about it. I joined in and explored, found my way, and have come across some great people here. Some not so great but a majority of great people I never would have met had I not been here.

Isa:  How did you get into SL porn?
Marcus:  Funny enough. A girl took my picture at a nude beach. I was mainly just hanging out. She kept telling me I should do porn in SL. Of course she didn't really give me a direction on where to go or who to talk to. So my start was slow, but I met and got my break with Marika Blaisdale..and then Erinyes Celestalis used me in pictorials. They both gave me good advice on how to pursue a path.

Isa:  You have really grown as a photographer - tell us about your journey from performer to photographer and how has that transition changed you as a performer?
Marcus:  It has made me grow. When I started taking pictures they were decent but awkward. What I thought was good wasn't really good. No lighting no shading, just looked like all I was doing was fumbling and fucking . It also made me pay attention more to a good shot. Not just to click the camera and take picture after picture but to wait for that one shot that is a stand out. Patience is a lesson that my process has given me. It also changed me by opening up to new ideas, pushing boundaries on what to take and themes to use in my pictures and Flickr.

Isa:  I asked Marcus to showcase 3 of his favorite pics - here they are:

The Merit Badge - by Marcus Strong

Marcus:  The merit badge
-I used a friend for this. Laurel Jones. We decided to just mess around and pose her in a costume of sorts and it was one of the hotter pictorials I did. A simple moment of fun turned to a great work of art.

Partee had a Moment - by Marcus Strong

Marcus:  Partee posed with me just on a sheer moment of luck where she was free. It is where I started experimenting with lighting. I never realized it would be seen 6,600 times on Flickr.

Cookin' with Erin & Marcus - by Marcus Strong

Marcus:  Once again..just a fun moment, playing with ideas. Erin and I have a love affair on film as we both joke. It shows in each picture we take together.

Isa:  Tell us about your production company In Good Company. What are your short term goals for this?
Marcus:  The people and models involved are all what I consider the fresh faces and good people of the Adult World of SL.  The goal is to give a place for people to break in, be seen and give them wings so to fly and soar. I made a promise that I would return the favor that was given to me when I got my break and try to help out others in that fashion.

Isa:  What is the biggest challenge facing SL pornography right now?
Marcus:  The biggest challenge is Ego. Not everyone, mind you, has this problem but some have it. Ego can get in the way. I one time saw in a conversation "Who is that person, why would I use them" I got news for you...the same thing was said about you once. Don't let your ego get so big that you forget you once were someone a person wouldn't use either.

Isa:  Tell us about your avatar - mesh, skin, cock..
Marcus:  TMP avatar. I use the body hands and feet. I don't use a head, my regular face is good. Skin is Ooh La La Giovanni ..espresso.. a lil cream in the coffee and my dick...and I know this is the question that is the most's an Aeros Mesh-Axiom. Love the product looks great on film. (Isa - yes it does.)

Isa:  What advice to you have for new people trying to get into SL porn?
Marcus:   The best advice I can give new people:
1- Make sure this is what you want to do. Once your pic is out there its out there.
2- Don't get discouraged. If someone says no, well then someone else will say yes to you to give you a break. Keep trying.
3- Don't do something you are uncomfortable doing. If you do not like what you are being asked to do..Say No and move on.
4- Once your break is given..never forget it, never forget where and who gave you that break. Don't need to be worshiping that person or persons...but remember thank you goes a long way.

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