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Hardcore - An Interview with PJ Thornton

     Many photographers in the SL porn world focus on erotica, using models and lighting to evoke a mood or a feeling...others may capture the element of realism or a special moment of anticipation.  As consumers of this art, we are the happy recipients of their creativity.  But as someone who is a creator of something perhaps a bit 'smuttier' than erotica I have been particularly drawn towards the work of PJ Thornton.  Put simply, PJ takes hardcore photographs with no holds barred.  I am drawn to this perhaps because there is similarity with what I am attempting to create as well...and as you'll see, she is particularly good at it.  I want to thank PJ for taking the time for this and also for the use of her photographs.  Please be sure to check out her Flickr page here.  Thanks also to Sunday Whitewood for her work on capturing some images of PJ.  In addition to the images of PJ for this interview, please be sure to check out a special pictorial of PJ.  But enough of my banter...on to the interview!!

Hardcore - An Interview with PJ Thornton

PJ Thornton - by Sunday Whitewood

Isa:  Generally speaking, where in the real world are you from? 
PJ:   I am in Québec, Canada.

PJ Thornton - by Sunday Whitewood

Isa:  How long have you been in SL and how did you find it?

PJ:   I've been in SL since 2008. I found out about SL from an article in a feminist magazine, a shocking exposé about all the dirty sex and debauchery that went on in SL. So of course I didn't want to miss all the fun and had to check it out!

Isa:  You mostly take pictures of hard core scenes (which I love).  Do you feel that hardcore is still considered erotica or are they separate?
PJ:  Very much separate. I still like to be artistic and creative in the hardcore sets, but I also like them to be raunchy too. There is also a creative challenge in this sort of more exposed style, getting it all to line up and make it look good.  

PJ Thornton - by Sunday Whitewood
  Isa:  You state on  your profile that all of your pics are created 'in world'.  Was that a conscious decision on your part and if so, why?   
 PJ:  It was a conscious decision from the beginning. I come from a pre-digital darkroom background, with some photojournalism experience, so this has shaped my style. Trying to capture what's there without embellishment and processing goes back to how we used to shoot film, you had to get it right in the camera because it was more difficult and wasteful to fix it after.

Isa:  Your photo series called 'Incident at Beta Cygni' is fantastic (see below).  How did you do this, how long did it take and would you ever consider doing something like that as a film? 
 PJ:  The concept had been germinating for months, since I started publishing my pics to Flickr, really. However, I thought it would be too complicated to get all the clones together or have a decent set for it. Finally I shared the idea with Benjamin Bigdipper and he encouraged me to dive in. It took us 4 days, laying out the set, making the poses and finally shooting. I asked for a few males to wear the same mesh body and a default shape and skin set. It was a lot of fun to set up and even I got to dust off those old skills of building with prims to make the beacons and some walls. And while I shot it in a classic film style widescreen format, it's not something I'd have filmed for a movie.

Isa:  Why aren't you interested in making films?
PJ:  I guess it comes from my photography background and enjoyment of paintings and sculpture. I like that frozen moment in time, trying to tell a story either in a single frame or multiple still shots.

Isa:  What are some of your favorite pictures and why?

Touch - by PJ Thornton
Touch - Sheer sensuality with four hands on me. I don't find many of the pictures to be arousing but this one has a connection too with 2 of my favourite models.

Dr. Strangelove - I like making complex little scenes with a reference to art or pop culture, this one is my favourite for the humour and matching the original scene.
Dr. Strangelove - by PJ Thornton

Incident at ß Cygni  - by PJ Thornton
Incident at ß Cygni - It was hard to decide on a favorite here from this set, but I think this one is the best. The hardest part of making this series was to both have a group of assertive men but also to empower myself in the scene to show that I was not being forced and that I was the instigator. I think this shows that there is some cooperation going on and gentleness before things become raw.

Upside Down - by PJ Thornton

Upside Down - I think this one is where things are really coming together for me, finally getting good light, good poses, and composition and it highlights the empowerment and sexuality I try to convey.


Pawns Take Queen - by PJ Thornton
Isa:  Here is my favorite picture by PJ Thornton, one that totally turns me on and makes me want to be in her place.  I can almost feel and taste those guys! 


Isa:  If people are interested in working with you, what should they do?

PJ:  Send a Flickr Mail or hit me up inworld. I often have a backlog of projects so it may take time. I am also up for doing more modeling too.
 Isa:  What advice do you have for new models wishing to break into SL Porn?

PJ:  Kind of a double edge sword. One, just go for it. But if you do it, you can never undo it. If you do, shoot some solo stuff or with friends first and hang back a bit to figure out what is what. The groups might seem cliquish at first but generally everyone is warm and welcoming.

When are you Coming Home? - by PJ Thornton

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