Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pictorial - RubberGurl

   RubberGurl (widely known as RG) has a uniqueness that I am crazy about...but at the same time she is the real deal; she has the looks and the personality.  In a word, she's interesting.  It's my pleasure to feature her on this blog alongside an outstanding pictorial by Sunday Whitewood.

   When you get to know RG, a few things become very obvious - we'll take them each in turn but of interest to me was that she was a Domme.  I asked her how that happened...how she realized she was a Domme:  "Well I have been a fetishist in RL for a very long time, and in fact in early days I was more sub, to females...but over time I was showing what I liked, by example as it were... and I rather found I liked it ('it' being dominant)."  

   I can relate to this actually - I found that by telling whoever I was with what I wanted that the 'saying of it' became as pleasurable as the response I got.

   Another thing about RG that one must know....and her name gives it away...is her rubber fetish. 
" I like the look of rubber for sure, but also they way it feels... the tight second skin, which it warm and yet cool also... and it transmits touch so well. I like the aroma as well, though only of the quality latex/rubber wear, the cheap stuff is not good."

  RG is also a shemale in Second Life and is transgender in Real Life.  I asked her if this has caused problems for her in our virtual world?  " Not really no, though of course there are a variety of prejudices to be found in all worlds.  Some doors are opened due to my gender, others firmly shut.
I remain open minded...
"  One can only hope that Real Life could become as open minded as Second Life.

RG is interested in continuing deeper into the world of SL porn - I hope it works out for her.  SL pornography needs people like her - committed to growing in all aspects.  And dammit - she's fucking hot as hell.

 Thanks again to Sunday Whitewood for this fine pictorial.

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