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Pictorial - Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria Topaz is one of SL's top porn directors but she's also one of the most prolific and talented photographers, as well as a frequent blogger.  Her interviews have become popular reading and a great way to get to know other SL porn stars, directors or photographers.  I am grateful that she took the time to answer a few questions for the Dog Star blog, and I hope you'll enjoy the fine pictorial by Scotty as well.

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Isa:  How and when did your Production company, Peaches N Cream Productions get started?

Alexandria:  Well I came into the porn star group in or about 2009/2010 but was extremely quiet behind the scenes. I was solely checking the atmosphere and getting a vibe of the folks around it. I started familiarizing myself with some of the key players such as Directors, Pornstars and Photographers but still not getting my own name out there. I took the time to decide what role I can play to bring out my own.  The reason for doing so because at the time Alexandria was my Alt avatar and I was still more so on my original Avatar Synthia Quintessa. I've grown at the pinnacle of an excellent Modeling Career and felt like my time was up. That's when I started using what little video editing skills I had at the time in the modeling industry. Creating videos for Fashion Events for top agencies each inviting me to be their own personal videographer for their modeling agencies. I created PriMajicka Studios with 2 other staffs I put to work with me. It wore me out some. I've always had a passion for film but I wasn't using it to my liking.  I wanted to create stories.

I saw one of Emmanuelle Jamesons flicks as well as Serenity Kristan Faulds and told myself I can do this. Wetting my feet a little with photography and awaiting to meet other Directors some were good others? Meh, not so good. I wanted complete control of "Alexandria Topaz" If I was going to make a name for myself creating my own production was the way to go. Emmanuelle and Serenity were in the backgrounds paying attention watching the work of many.  Once I noticed their attention with the likes of other good producers acknowledging and praising my work at that time, I knew I had a place in the industry.

Isa:  How many films have you created? 

Alexandria:  Prior to doing porn  Through PriMajicka Studios I have created 77 Videos (Yes the numbers are accurate go check for yourself) within the porn industry it was no more than 20 sadly most lost due to server issues on certain sites and myself not saving them. Although it didn't discourage me at all. I stepped away from the scene a bit...I came back and started creating new videos. I challenge myself with all my projects. Each one given its individual attention and in my eyes each one has to be better than the last. Think of me as being in my element at the moment. Didn't take much to have my work noticed. I thank my viewers and the friends in the industry for that.

Isa:  What tools (editing software for example) do you use for your films?  What file formats do you load your films in? 

Alexandria:  The software's I use for my projects are as follows.  Adobe Final Cut Pro (when I had my Mac Comp , Sony Vegas Platinum, Adobe Premier Elements, and Pinnacle Studio. I solely use Sony Vegas Platinum and Adobe Premier now which ever helps me get the job done quicker or I'll just combine one into the other. With all my films I usually upload as MP4's allowing myself to compress them if they are in large files so that I don't lose any or minimal quality footage.

Isa:  What inspires you to film a particular film? 

Alexandria:  In creating any project I feed off of ideas from movies in the past and naturally add a bit of sex for them. In this case "Alice in Wonderland" one of my all time favorites as I was growing up. There have been productions of it put out there in porn, some creative, others boring. I took myself to the past as that girl sitting on the sofa, seeing what looked magical to me. so I decided to put a spin on it. I went back to watching the original footage and told myself it would be cool to be brought into that movie. So watching the original and being taken through my television to that magical place with a small plot on whether I would turn to reality or forever stay trapped in my fantasies. In any project I will bring sexual fantasies that I would like to be in or have been in to mind, that I would like to be in. Not the usual niche positions or ideas in some cases.

Isa:  You're unique in that you make both films and take pictures.  You're prolific with the pics and are quite talented - which do you prefer and why? 

Alexandria:  Thank you for that compliment. You know several individuals in the field have told me the same. With regards to photography, it seems weird as in I don't see myself as a photographer. Granted I've taken some time to learn some photography techniques solely to try and take pictures as best as I can. Then Lumipro came into the picture which was another thing to learn. I say 'some time' because my passion lies in film-making more than Photography. I think I've combined the two a bit and in the process it seems to work for me. Film-making wins in this case. I want to project my vision and editing skills with film projects along with some spicy porn. :) Challenging myself as best as I can.

Isa:  I asked Alexandria to choose a few pictures from her portfolio that she was most proud of with a bit of description of each.  

Topless Tuesday - Alexandria Topaz
Alexandria:  What I enjoy about this pic is that I wanted to have my avatar appear not only insatiable but wickedly sexy... through the use of my environment settings and Lumipro I kept coming across a Dark Look that appeared "hot" .. and I played around with it until this resulted.

Tanning at Surfer's Bay - Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria:  In this picture I went through the same process as the other. I wanted to give a look of glamour just laying in the beach. I thought of an old Hollywood star spending her day at the beach and still looking radiant with anything she was wearing. I added some soft glow touches, kept myself in a current bikini and hence it was created.. smiles.

Through the Lens (still) - Alexandria Topaz

Alexandria:  I have a series of these pics from my movie "Through The Lens-Carnal Hellion". I was going for a wicked dream type fantasy look. Through the use of my Windlight settings and some of the Lumipro lighting and project I was able to get this look. I'm currently using a lot of the techniques used in the photo in my current pics somewhat. It really takes for any person with a good eye to come across what works best for them. This does for me.

Isa:  Which of your films are you most proud of and what makes you proud of them? 

Alexandria:  Hmm one of them which i've lost is "innsmouth" starring myself Fillipe Rolf, Katina Cazalet, and Joe smoker. It was about a Succubus type woman who resided in an abandoned town, who encounters two visitors who manage to wind up at this location due to a car crash. Having the succubus feed into any mans desires and using them to her liking.  This project was the Ultimate as far as video editing, screening and sound effects that were added. I'm currently working on wanting to create this film again because it was one I challenged myself in creating. Only this time I'm thinking of giving Katina Cazalet the starring role and adding new actors.... Same story just some different actors.

A current project I love is my last flick Through The Lens-Carnal Hellions. Why? Again because I challenged myself.  I notice quite a lot of astounding work at the hands of many photographers who use Lumipro and I told myself I'm going to show them I know what I'm doing. I decided to use Lumipro as a forefront to creating the dark fantasy I wanted in the film. I worked with Lumipro choosing the appropriate lighting until I came up with this look which I mixed into some slight editing enhancers when on the editing board.  I'm proud of this one in particular because it is 'THE FIRST" time anyone has come about bringing a project with the use of Lumipro.

But to sum it up I can be critical of my work. I'm proud of all my projects, I was able to present the vision I had in mind and challenge myself at the same time. I feel the need to challenge myself with any project. I'm not interested in just having a "pornstar" look in one of my films and say wow this girl knows what she's doing " I want them to have a look and say "This is an excellent director"  I want to work/collaborate with her".

Isa: Let's talk about your blog - what are your goals with the blog?  How did the blog start?

Alexandria:  Well let me give it to you as I best can. My blog was started solely for the intention of putting my own photos and film projects. Now as any actor/model/photographer/Director has probably encountered in the "industry" itself you have your good seeds and your bad seeds. There are some folks in the industry that are just going about it the wrong way.. They're not playing their part in assisting with those around them. They solely want to fall under the pretense of thinking they're "Famous" just because someone might have used them in a movie or two.  Which leads me to the up close and personals in my blog. I wanted to enhance the blog to give viewers and newcomers alike an idea of the folks in the industry.  A who's-who if you will of those I admirer as both pornstars/directors/photographers etc. A Directory of who I find to be key players, similar to what you have done in your pictorials and MissEmily has done . Only a little more in-depth story/feel of who that person is.

Isa: What are the biggest challenges facing SL porn right now?

Alexandria:  The biggest challenge I find right now is the lack of Directors. Some have left for personal issues, others may have been worn out with filming and others just got tired of the scene as a whole. I wish there were more out there learning to film. I may have stepped away a bit from the scene myself but it's quite easy to jump back aboard with a film project.  One has to have a passion for filming to want to continue doing this or if not they'd just burn out and leave.  I'm not going anywhere.. so get to know me.. :)

 Isa:  What kind of models do you prefer to work with?

Alexandria:  With the current updates of mesh I prefer just working/sticking with models that have mesh body. It's not that I don't like models who are still using their appearance. I'd probably still use some in filming. But one has to keep up with the times even in this world as it tends to evolve daily. I prefer working with models who really have a passion for being part of the process. I prefer models like Katina Cazalet, Partee, Rachel Avro, Emmanuelle Jameson, Monique Lefry, Kayla Bombastic, Moonie, Directors like Louise Kristan Faulds, Serenity Kristan Faulds, Miss Emily, Zoey Winsmore, Ella, and you! Isa Cheviot. :) Male models like Damien Godard, Zane, Larry Vinaver, Scotty07, Vito, Johnny Wadd, Dillon Lecker, Rob Huxley, Travis Wager, Barra, Nakaru Bergamasco and many more. I may have come across I haven't mentioned here, so my apologies if I left you out. But just out of those mentioned? Some are new others are friends but all already have the inner qualities and their own creativity to set them in the right track in the business and others have gone above and beyond already to present their own visions  All listed have always been respectable in the business and in turn have been respectful towards them.

Then we have those who aren't worth my time, who are too busy playing games, busy stirring up drama taken from their delusional heads. I will always treat everyone with respect given the same. I'm an AMIABLE person but rest assure there is that side of me that can go 360 at any given moment just to put any person in their place. I'm not afraid to speak my mind. I enjoy challenges for which you'd have to bring your A Game around me. There's nothing that can be taken away from me. I've created my own place/plateau with wonderful friends. The rest is just pushed aside. So to keep this interview in good spirits, note that I will not list their names.. but I could so easily smiles.. Overall I'm that next party girl looking to have fun dancing, shopping or making good friends.. yeah a little bit of that mental stimulation as well. Well ok maybe a lot lol. Grins.

Isa:  What is your involvement with SL After Dark?  How did you get involved?

Alexandria:  So I like to take the time to stay current with what's going on out there. Some of that requires perusing the blogs. I came across SL After Dark, Samuel Whetherby (owner) I noticed he had the adult industry listed in one of his section and I only saw one film producer out there. I loved his blog as a whole. There are many variables and a wealth of information about SL as a whole. But I noticed that Directors and production groups weren't in the equation. Someone wasn't doing their research in the Adult Industry.  I went directly to Sam and told him "Sam your blog is great but what's listed there doesn't give anyone a clue into what the Adult Industry Is like.". Sam stated something along the facts of "well my assistant quit" but don't quote me on that. Anyway we got to talking on Skype, I gave him my experience with regards to Directors, Actors, Models, Photographers, Magazine Publications and told him what I can bring forth. I wanted to be a part of it somehow.  Sam tested my Word processing skills with minimal supervision. After some quick tips from him I was titled manager of the Adult Industry. So I now showcase those in the industry that want to have their work shown but also Directors who produced the best of filming that there is.

Isa:  Tell us something about Alexandria Topaz that people probably don't know about you and may be surprised to learn!

Alexandria:  If you want to kiss my ass buy me a French Vanilla Capuccino?  See how easy I am?  No in all seriousness I'm respectful to all. I follow societal norms we're all presented in real life solely to follow the rules (But not in SL) If I'm contacting you in I.M. there's something appealing about your work or something about your persona/inner qualities that I like and want to get to know you. I'm not looking to sleep with you. I don't come into SL and say I'm famous even if people say I am. I'm just another girl around the way using her passions for filming to the best of her ability. You'll never get a Diva attitude from me and I always welcome others to approach me.  I strongly believe in being open to all walks in life on sl.. I don't care if your a Shemale, Tgirl, male, female, cat, dog, Younger male posing as older, vice versa, WHATEVER OR WHOEVER YOU ARE.. if you treat me with respect and I grow to trust you we'll have a beautiful relationship....

As stated in the aforementioned. I can go 360 on you if you're being deceptive or bad mouthing or just too much of a coward to approach me face to face and tell me what you really take. But then I wouldn't let you warrant any type of behavior to get me to that point unless you really need to be told a few things about yourself.... otherwise.. come give me a hug, lets go shopping, tell me about you and I'll tell you about me.. smiles.



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