Friday, May 18, 2018

Fellatio Friday #91

Hello and welcome to another Friday succulent, sucktastic but most of all lickdickous ( © by Rachel Swallows) post! Where we put sexy BJ pics on display from all week long, and wish you one long and juicy day. This is #91! 91 like the name of my favourite K-pop band . No, I don't mean Korean pop, i mean Kazakh-pop! Oh I am such a weeaboo...or whatever fancy name they have for the fans of the country that did (not) give us the lime green mankini. Okay, very nice, I'd better start my post now. On your marks, ready...

Cheryl Reddevil is a Rollergirl-On Her Knees ! Well, good , that offers a more steady base.

Ok, time for that other paragraph that nobody reads! Oh this sounds vaguely passive aggressive, my apologies! About the facts: this post comes out on Friday, joining the hot meme that is Fellatio Friday. Covers bj pics uploaded on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr , which you should totally join since it's the biggest and bestest group of its kind! You'll find there over 7'500 pics  themed, but also tee-heemed since we are not going to be too serious about it, around cocksucking, and this post showcases a variety of them. Picture choice is totally subjective and bla bla bla, refer previous posts for more infos and disclaimers, I am running late already! Ok enough yapping, let's get to it!

Gonna burn in hell..but some things are worth it - Kat Capelo

2 dicks 1 girl - Kaiah Marbo

Feeding the hunger - Louise Kristan Faulds

An Evening with Alex #2 - Laina Alexandria (check the sex..err set, here!)

Kimba fellatio friday_006A - Storm Greystoke

Being greedy - Lakreisha McClinton

Sinful Cocksucker... - MissHannon Rexxen

Afternoon Delight - Curty Dovgal

Stuffed - Eddric Dayne

...and Arched - Rowan Villiers

Aurora - Citius Green

Blow Time (Leaving Her Mark) - BenJohn9

RosieTanya3 from Aura Kira's 'Rosie Tanya and I' 's hot photoshoot!

snapshot_006 - Thiago Scalli

The audition - Ayela

Casting Calls..Such hard work.. - Marcus Strong

Peepshow I - Zoe Willows

Challenge Accepted! - Vii Oryl

y a pas d'endroit, pour y gouter =) - Merie Merie

Into the Night - Chase Stone

Milk ,does a Body Good - Traci Quandry

Untitled by Paula Berger

Gag Reflex - Luke Fortacos

RR1129 c - Roberta Romano

Gimme black Lover....licks.... - Nikita Neumann

It's railing again - Sandra Palletier

Friendly Friday... - Sjue Swansen

Ma Dudes ).....#ThreesomeThursday - Ashlynn Okiddo

The Hard Charger-6_001 - Tommy Gun Productions (and this is the full set)

KK15 from Aria Horan's Kickin' with Kaoru album.

Freaky Fellatio Friday - Elena Starr (ejsilverstar)

Reversed Friday - Zuby Gloom

Time to wake up - Rachel Swallows

ShadowF - Jenna Elena

glory hole - Jimmy Windstorm

And this week we close with some hopeful green, thanks to GrimBlood Skall and his first in an album, GloryHole 1 (finally a hole that can fit just about any size! hey don't look between my legs now, that's rude!), and thanks to our regular mind (and cock!) blowing contributor Abhati O and her  Insatiable King | Queen !

Not much else to say. Stay insatiable, stay foolaround-ish, that's what mrs. Blow Jobs says!

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