Friday, June 21, 2019

Fellatio Friday #145

Hello and welcome to today's Dog Star Fellatio Friday, the summer solstice edition!
In honor of the longest day of the year, I'll write the longest intro ever, but it will filled with complaints about how uncomfortably hot it is Actually, I'd have a hard time doing that because weather here has been dreadful... But SL weather on the other hand is always perfect. Anyway, this post will be filled with hotness! If you were considering to take a swim to cool off...just bring your oxygen tank!

Enrapture byVixxen Rainbow in one of her wonderful photos from this round of the Forbidden Fruit gallery show! Do visit inworld!

Short disclaimer? Fine! The pics featured here have been submitted throughout the months to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on Flickr. Besides alliterating nicely, it is made with the purpose of sharing suckotastic pics, built around the Fellatio theme but with various variations: do join it and share the fun! Fellatio Friday is a thing on Flickr and in the porn groups, so why not putting your pic in the proper place? It does not add to your 30 group limit. Stuff for  this post gets chosen erratically, with an eye to the most current, obviously, but not just. Enjoy!

Taste...  - Diana Lorane, this too part of an exhibition worth checking out!

Untitled by SweetSiren

blow - Connor Sauber


I'm Back! You Miss Me - Rajakumari Sundara

Trying the cream - Eva Daniels

DJ Booth - Monique LeFry

Suckslut Sofa 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (and check out the amazing blog post!)

Study in Cuckolding 3 - Renni

DOLL FACE.... III - SolidX (lovely album here)

all the glory - Emily Pia Mia Moore

Friday Mosaic - Osiris LeShelle

Red was the dress, dark was the night - Sandra Palletier

Black load - Andrea Banks

2 Thumbs Up - Romanic Touch

She had to give it. - Mondy Brangwin

Af1_132 - Kitty Silverstein

I'll take some cream with your coffee - Pablo Mendez

FF Jewell - Crashy Greyhound

Larry & Tizz - Larry Vinaver (with a full set worth fapping at, here)

Timing - Ali Denali

Fellatio Friday with izabellabanozic - David Storm

My Kind of Chocolate. - Futarika

ahh so hot. swallows deeply - Jimmy Windstorm

hawt blowjob for andrew by zoey - Zoey Wild

bd014 - Cass Leslie

 Snapshot_023 - BigD Elcano

Hot Sun (Part 5) - Morgan Talbot

The Duel Part IV - Kelli Kristan

Happy moments - Ana Romain

Untitled by Constantine Blachere

Mouthful - Alexis Futanari

Suck and Grind it Friday - Sweet Poison

Practices Makes Perfect - Eva von WibblyDibbly

Had enough? Jewell Infinity has not, and so she asks Please Sir,I want some more in this soooo very sexy pic. And we close with Marcus Strong being a tease once more, with his movie posters! This is How Mommy Became A Pornstar , and it's another movie the fans need to see some day, I tell you!

That's it for this week. Go away!

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