Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #325 - Loni Greenheart - Bonus Interview!

I'm happy to share something special today:  a combined Feature Model with a bonus interview!  Loni Greenheart is seriously one of the most genuine and kind people I've met in SL and I really enjoyed the conversation and photo shoot.  She is co-owner of the CMNF Lounge which I highly encourage you to check out.  Instead of focusing on CMNF as an element of D/s, the Lounge focuses more on exhibitionism.  But read on and find out more!

All photos by Isabelle Cheviot - shot on location at CMNF Lounge.

Where are you from in RL?:  I am from Georgia!...the US state in the southeast, not the country. I've lived here most of my life!

Flickr Page:

Turn On's:  I love intelligence and creativity and humor and class, but I also love a well made avatar, and especially a well-made butt :p uniqueness is hot, but RPing having a little something "extra" is a huge turn on for me. in the end though, flattery goes a long way, and making me feel genuinely attractive and desired is hard for me to ignore lol. 

Turn Off's:  I can't stand when people are pushy or overly forward or try to "dom" me, or expect things out of me that I never promised. I don't like rudeness, people who talk like frat boys (especially women!), puerile jokes, or when someone tries to turn literally everything someone says into some kind of sexual reference. We can just lump all of that into "immaturity" I guess! I could probably go on about my turn-offs all day lol, but I don't want to sound negative! lol I actually enjoy far more things than I dislike :)

Isa:  According to your res date, you've only been in SL for a little over 3 years now - you've moved quickly!  Is this your first avatar?

Loni:  It is. technically I still have access to the "true" first avatar I ever made, back in 2006 when I was quite young, but I was only in-world for about an hour before I gave up and didn't come back until 2017.

Isa:  SL has quite a learning curve!

Loni:  Yeah, I was lucky they had a whole tutorial sim thing when I came back. Once I had a feel for it, though, figuring out new things was a lot easier.

Isa:  Well you've done very well in a short period of time. :)

Loni:  Thank you :)

:  So you're the co-owner of CMNF Lounge - tell me how you came into that and who is your co-owner?

Loni:  My co-owner is also my girlfriend, Brooke Fiftyone, and she is an incredibly awesome person lol. I actually found my way to the Lounge originally by chance, as I had a friend who went there a lot, and I just decided to check it out one day. It took me a little while to come to terms with the idea of being naked around men *without* charging them for it (I got pulled into the strip club scene really early) but the atmosphere and the people and the whole vibe of the place was so nice that I just kept going back, and it really didn't take long before it felt like home, and I really appreciated the way things were done there and the whole philosophy of providing a safe, pressure-free environment for women to use SL express their sensuality through exhibitionism, without any expectation of "putting out." So when Brooke felt like she needed to take a step back and bring someone else in to help run and operate things, I immediately volunteered, and the rest is history I guess.

Isa:  So there is no expectation of payment in your Lounge, correct?  No tip jars for the dancers?

Loni:  We have tip jars for the venue, of course, as there are expenses to maintain it, and it's our only source of income, but you're correct in that there's no "pay for play" here. We do CMNF a little differently than most places in that it's not enforced, and there's really no focus on the D/s aspect of it. Instead it's more about exhibitionism, so it's traditional for women to arrive clothed and then get increasingly naked over time, usually at the request of the male guests. Women can arrive completely naked if they wish, of course, but part of the fun is often that interaction that keeps the clothes coming off.

Isa: When you're at the club are you often naked?  I'm asking for a friend....:)

Loni:  Hahaha, not as much as I'd like to be. I'm kind of a stickler for standards, so if I don't get properly asked with a "please" on the end, I don't take something off.  For whatever reason, that can be a challenge for the men! However, anyone's welcome to make a request here, so the other girls help me out some :)

Isa:  I can attest that it's a fun and welcoming place.  Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Loni:  I'd be remiss I think if I didn't express my deep love for SL. It keeps my brain so busy, from simple things like playing dress up with new clothes, to building, and photography, and scripting, to meeting new people from new places, to the sexual, emotional, social, and psychological exploration that runs through it all. I really just love it all.

Isa:  Thank you for chatting with me - on to the pictorial!

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