Monday, May 24, 2021

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #333: C.Andy Pie

I met C.Andy at the premier party for my latest film, Sierra Lovegood:  Desert Heat.  I watched C.Andy change into various outfits throughout the event and was mesmerized.  Happy to feature her here!

Isa:    Where are you from?
C.Andy:    UK - Wales - I live near Wrexham, a small town in the north west.

Isa:    What do you like to do in SL?
C.Andy:    Socializing for the most part - I have a lot of people I like to chat with - also making custom skins, tattoos and accessories, also some mesh stuff (i.e thongs I can´t find on MP) - but it´s just a hobby, so no commercial interests. Lets say it like that, I like to have fun here and I like to be creative.

Isa:    What are your Turn On's?
C.Andy:    Laughs --- well, I have a Daddy...a BBC bull- he likes to control me - and he also enjoys spoiling me :-) Sex wise I have no real preference, I like all - vanilla to hard core BDSM, but I am not a 24/7 Domme or sub .... I like sex with persons I find nice and sexy. and I have no gender preference. My sex partners are guys, gurls and girls.

Isa:    What are your Turn Off's?
C.Andy:         Hmmm --- to be honest, I've never had a bad day in Sl ... think rude behavior - but somehow everyone is really nice (to me at least) ... smiles softly.

Isa:    What kind of mesh avatar(s) do you use?
C.Andy:        My favorite bodies are the Maitreya and Maitreya Petite, Legacy female and Kupra. I use all of them. Right now it´s the Maitreya. Hmm, I have most of the heads on the market, Lelutka, Lelutka Evolution X, Catwa HD pro, and all Genus heads. My all time fav head is the Genus classic 001 though. Also using some Body deformers, to create unique looking shapes.

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