Wednesday, April 5, 2017

In the Swallow's Nest - Volume 1 - Ted Dosei

I am thrilled to feature the first volume of an ongoing and occasional series with the illustrious Rachel Swallows.  'In the Swallow's Nest' will feature Rachel in an intimate and erotic set of pictures accompanied by some text to flesh out the story.  Ted Dosei is the lucky boy who is first up In the Swallow's Nest!

Pictorial and Story by Rachel Swallows

I invited the handsome Ted Dosei to visit me at my home Swallows Nest. Of course its a nudest beach, so Ted had to strip off to join me on the sands.

After getting comfy on the beach towels, Ted's hands started wandering and his kisses certainly began to heat things up.


Spreading my long legs, I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him down to my pussy for more kisses, the best kind!


I couldn't resist when he pulled me onto my knees and teased my lips with the tip of his cock, I just had to taste him and sucked on his meat greedily.


But he wanted it deep and thrust his huge cock down my throat, leaving me no choice but to swallow and live up to my name as he filled my belly with his cum.

Like any good slut should, I made sure I licked his dick clean, getting him good and hard again and ready for round two.

I moaned in pleasure as that massive cock spread my cunt, the huge girth stretching my pussy wide. 'Oh god yes, fuck me!' I cried, and he did just that.

His gorgeous thick meat, slamming balls deep into my tight pussy, making me writhe beneath him, moaning and sobbing 'Yes yes fill me!'

He threw me onto my knees and pounded me ruthlessly, each thrust bringing me closer to orgasm, my moans turning to sobs of lust, till we both came hard, our juices mingling in a hot sweaty mess.

 As I lay there panting in his arms I whispered breathlessly 'Oh you can visit the Swallows Nest again Ted'

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