Sunday, April 30, 2017

In the Swallow's Nest - Volume 2 - "Take a Letter, Miss Swallows"

Pictorial & Story by Rachel Swallows
Models:  Rachel Swallows and Anthony


Mr. Anthony asks his PA Rachel what his appointments are looking like today. She tells him he has a busy day but he does have one opening.

  'Maybe I could help you out with you openings Miss Swallows' he says as he takes a cheeky fondle of her bottom.
                                                                                                                  'Oh Mr Anthony!' Miss Swallows blushes.         
 'You have such lovely long legs Miss Swallows, they go all the way up to here' 
 It wasn't long before Mr Anthony had Miss Swallows striped and ready to do some oral dictation.

After all a girl should live up to her name he told her.


 Mr. Anthony then gives Miss Swallows a thorough examination of her assets.

Making sure they are nice and wet so he can properly examine them. 

'Oh Miss Swallows your DICKtation skills are excellent. You are due a rise.' 

Oh I definitely think the markets on the up! I need to do some *inside-her* trading'

RAWRS 'Thank you for the rise Mr Anthony!'

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