Friday, May 26, 2017

Fellatio Friday #40

Welcome to yet another Fellatio Friday post! The 'post' that is almost a 'pre', because most of you still have to work on your picture, to celebrate this day in taste! Share your photos with the other flickrites and with your porn groups of choice. We (and by we I mean I) will make sure to publish your creations...eventually, mixing and matching the newest from the week with the 'classics'. We have some real 'specialists' with very well educated hands (and lips, and other parts) who have given us enough pics to last a couple of years of weekly publications already, but every contribution is important and appreciated.

You wouldn't think panoramic shots can be good BJ photos - no matter the size of the dick involved? Think again with Sandra Palletier's 'The sunny mornings'

So, yes, like every week I say it like Isa would: Join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on flickr.
Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. We're only posting one pic per person per week in this gallery, but no limit to how many you can enter in the group poll. Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (altho nekos are fine and uh....I did approve a photo of a..gargantuan being or something, this week).
Catch you at the end.

Sorry honey, something came up! - Kyle Devonson

Nosh vs Jagger & Dixie Part 6 - Noshinima (check out the set here )

After Party - Seddy Constantine

Friday Night Fellatio - PJ Thornton

Dinner First, Then Dessert - NP Milneaux

Alley Quickie - .Doom.

The Arcade - Addison Summerwind

from her blog post @ Midnight Glory  Mylene LeShelle

Washin her mouth out.. - Storm Monday

A Friday with Riska - Ted Dosei

Licks - Athena Mariposa

Making Friends - Tessladoll

Mamada - Sucu Uriza

Fed by Enki 1 - through Sheri Balto, Enki (Pulsar Grut)

Alley - Aura Kira

Arie (arie.mistwallow) - Alexis Futanari

Beach Partee - Logan OLeary

Short'n'Curly 02 - Aria Horan (whole shoot here)

Tuesday II - Traci Quandry

Felatio Friday Threesome - Daimaju Clowes

Ɛує cσηтαcт ιѕ мσяє ιηтιмαтє тнαη ωσя∂ѕ cαη єνєя вє... - SssoniccC1

Big White Chair - Brea Brianna

Poolside fun - Angie Wild

Rosie - Journey Texan

Sex Action - Jugulator Foxclaw

A Very Good Kitty , a full photoset with the all bento'd up Mera, by Marcus Strong

Fellatio Friday with Jamezz - Tegan Malone

Rewarded - Lesley Aristocrat

No Waiting_002 - Bane W. Caedus

And we close with Igor Romanov with Laura in 'The Spoils of wars', very fitting for Star Wars' 40th anniversary, and with one truly inhebriating photo by Tatusia Snowflake, 'Happy Hour' !

Enjoy your weekend, suck with moderation, and if you get in the car keep your eyes and hands where they are supposed to be!

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