Friday, October 13, 2017

Fellatio Friday #60

It's on everyone's lips, it keeps growing, but some are left with a bitter taste in their mouth.
And those who do it don't seem in the mood to talk. But one did!

"- He was teaching my friend. Then i volunteered to help with the coloring, thinking: 'Oh, it will be easy.' 
It wasn't." . A true cock tale about a neglected kitty, brought to you by Biarzenne Necro.

Igor Romanov confesses: I Whipped it Out ! "I didn't see that coming" , says no one ever!

Those stories and Andy Rooney, today on 60 Minutes!
...Nah, it's actually Dog Star Fellatio Friday #60, and there's nothing 'minute' about the dicks you are gonna see right here in this post. You want my disclaimer now? Nah, at the bottom of the post this  time. On with Biarzenne's Cock Tale!

" - The color picker was finicky, and the friend was on paler side but not too pale. We got there in end. Just can't believe the damn cat." 

- ..the what?

" - Ok. He has a cat. 
She jumped on the keyboard/mouse wanting pets. 
Somehow it reset everything on his hud's end ...Just as I finished it
I was like how's th- WAIT. WAIT. WHY ARE YOU BACK TO NORMAL"

- Are you SURE it was not an excuse to make you do it all over again?

" I'm sure! 
..I'm hoping so....?
Cos if it was an excuse he'd be running from my paddle!"

Send me more of those stories!

Shadows, - Melina Jameson

Snatched_001 copy - Bane W. Caedus

Tommy's Sweet Treat B&W - Katilina Gould

None of us could wait for Friday. - Talisker Braveheart

Just a Taste - Lesley Aristocrat

FMD blow job - Truck Darkwolf

Feeding My Kitten FF_001 - Jagger Draconis (admire Tori's version. 'Take it all' too)

A Stray Kat - Ted Dosei

wedding night 04 - Katmee (enjoy the whole album !)

Wedding Vows 2 - Lion Wildmist

In Her Majesty s Service 4 - Luke Fortacos (full set here!)

Look into my eyes - Jade Doet

A Massage to remember #4 - Finn Hawthrone

artemis_001 - Lasga Claven

Hunger - Jellybean Beaumont

Do the Mechanic Guy Pic6 - Rikki Sixx

WILD THOUGHTS - Tekdafreak (check out the video too, here!)

InvestigatingLarrysTool - Wendy Peach

Engulfing the tip - Alicia Mureaux

Morning News and BJ - Biarzenne Necro

Fellatio Friday - Heather Ashford

No need to argue - Sandra Palletier

Fellatio Friday - Bad Girls Bend at the Waist - Cheryl Reddevil

Messy Facial - Kalista Hydraconis

Crystal - Crystal Bourjade

Once bitten..Twice shy - Topaz Lemondrop

Sindee's Swallowing Session 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (amazeballs blog post here!)

A Warriors Sacrifice 2 - Marcus Strong, from yet another daring photoset!

Orc and a Toy~ - Kyrri

Look Mom no hands (best title ever...) - Misty Rogers

Mera: Love Bites - Nakuru Bergamasco

My Religion - Serenna Summers

One of my fave pics of the week is this the sensual Lollicock by Nielaan, reminiscent in its 'spot on' minimalism of a classic by PJ, The essence of FF. And it's right with her, PJ Thornton, that we wrap this post up. The picture is even called Fin !

Hope you enjoyed this post! Was a little unusual but I would love to have more penile adventures like Biarzenne's. I am sure that getting so up close and personal with the enthusiastic male apparatus, we all have had strange happenings.
Contact me (Katina Cazalet) in-world with your stories and any suggestion and request. But if your question is "How do you pick the photos for this gallery?", the answer is: max one per person per week, from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on Flickr, picking them from those posted all week long. I have an eye to the current, but the gallery is posted early in the day on purpose, so don' try to 'make it', it's not its purpose. Submit your photos, share them, and have fun!

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