Friday, October 27, 2017

Fellatio Friday #62

It's Friday, the Friday before Halloween, you freaky treat-or-treaters out there! We kinda tend to be more in for the treat, but some of you know some wicked tricks...we'll see in fact some in this post.
Without further ado, here comes my precious blah blah blah over 'wtf is this post?' and then the goodie bag of mouthwatering treats will open. Enjoy!

Host of the pornstars Halloween party Rachel Swallows is a Cock Vamp

This blog post is based on material submitted to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. Join it and submit your photos there. Any limit? How shall I put it...yes. The theme of the group itself! You  CAN have fun with it, toys, vegetables, music instruments other than the skin flute itself, all is fair game as long as the 'meaning' is there! Pussy lickin' has another group for it, join that too, it's fun!
Max one pic per person will be published per week: you don't have to post on Friday, in fact this is just a little contribution to the big flickr and porn group meme that is FF, and should not be treated as your 'goal' to reach. Share your photos, and have fun!

Sexy Saturday Morning - Zepp Sicling

Breakfast - Emi (EmmaJaneway)

Threesome Action - Rikki Sixx

[ Picturerotica ] Falling For You - 011 - Nakari Darkwolf

Another party - Sandra Palletier

My thoughts  - Jade Doet

bent back - Argosi Domenici

Ghetto Gargle - Aria Horan

Friday with Cathy - Ted Dosei

Using donna to Pleasure - Luke Fortacos

Whip it out Wednesday - Ellen Saint

Birthday BJ - Wolf & Raven Ellison

Fellatio Friday. Closeup - Jack Guru

Betting On BLACK 2 - Marcus Strong (is there a whole album? You betcha!)

Fellatio Friday #2 - Tyron Tarnclaw

CANT SWALLOW MORE_011102017_001  - Carla Draesia

One Thing I Know: I Want More! - Carola Conover

Fellatio - Igor Romanov

locker room. something other sport - Jimmy Windstorm

Late night Fun (FF) - Mavrick Goldfire

Pass arounds have a use - Damian Willard

Logan & Kitten "Just a Little Taste" - Logan Sparta

POV spurt - JoeCIA87

Candy Shop - Moxxie Kalinakova

Fellatio Friday - Master's Cock - Cheryl Reddevil

Captured - Jennifer Jade

what to do stranded on an Island03 - Dee Santis (Check also her feature on SL Confidential)

Bi golly, this is new ! - Garfield Schrodinger ( check the flickr comments for this pic and more!)

Sensual Apricot - Journey Texan

Restroom_008 - Minou la Salope

A screenshot from the movie The Gift by Curty Dovgal

Sandy, Partee & Bane - Miss Emily (from the upcumming Motel Peeper !)

And we close with the aptly titled Such a flexible girl by our faithful contributor Sandy Brisbane aka Sam Dellaux, and with a beauty from the latest set completed by Noshinima Midas. That'd be Nosh vs Abigail !

Have a fun weekend dressing up at SL parties and all that, and see you next week!

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