Friday, March 9, 2018

Fellatio Friday #81

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday! We are at number 81, which I am told, is Hell's Angels number, H being the 8th letter and A the 1st, 8-1. Hmm, I'd better prepare a very special gallery for our number 210 (B-J) post , not to mention for #41966 ( D-S-F-F )! Hmm, ok, if I keep this post weekly, that'd be in a few centuries. Well, I managed to fill some space, so now, let's see how the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group members kept busy. With members.

Gosh, the kinky Carola Conover surely is not afraid to take on the big sizes in " Lick ;-Þ  "

Oh no, I have MORE space to fill now. Well, let's keep it short and sweet ( Caro already brought us all the size we can handle). There's this flickr group you can join and add your pics to! Here, here! It's  themed around blowjobs (for pussylicking there's this other one!) and there's tons of great shots posted daily, from super quality edits to action shots, and with a bit of fun. Please partecipate submitting anything BJ related there! We run this weekly gallery that showcases some of your creations, one per person and posted early in the day. Because FF is a social phenomenon to have fun with in the porn groups in world, and on flickr !
Without further disclaimers, enjoy your Friday with these juicy photos.

Job Hunting Consultant - Tatiana Easterwood

Amuse-Bouche - Anyka Aiseiri

Untitled pic by Ellen Saint

Superstar_001 - Lasga Claven

back alley - Kittynda Henhouse

Soft, slow, teasing little caresses of the tongue - Kat Capelo

I meant to behave ... - Angie Wild

Alcide's Bitches_009 - Stephen Curry (and see the Wild Cravings Wolf Pack album)

Here's a screenshot from Laina Alexandria's first video: Casting a Spell (I fucked a Wizard) (lol).
Impressive job! Fave and comment on flickr too!...listen to it as well !

ωнєη ι gєт ɗσωη ση му кηєєѕ, ιт ιѕ ησт тσ ρяαу... - Sssonicc

 Baby Girl Sucking Miss Ali - Heather Ashford

Lena Peccable (lena.bizet) - Alexis Futanari

20180226_julian_010 - Cristina Pera

Mrs Tessmacher Assists - Marcus Strong

Under the Balls - Hoobs

Caught in the Jungle #8 - Tricia Danielson ( her regularly updated sci-fi opera here!)

swallow - Traci Quandry

a fence in the backyard - Jimmy Windstorm

The Great Outdoors - Isla Grace

Sharing Is Caring! - Christina Vilda

Glory Gurl extra - Nikki T (and do yourselves a favour and read and watch it all here )

Road Heaven - Chase Stone

The Marquesà has been a bad girl. - Sandra Palletier

The Kitties Are Frisky Today! - Kenny Shambala (full set with Rieka and Loveta here)

My guardian angel - Jade Doet

I loved Slurpy Suck Sluts from Notorious B.E.N.  - do check out the blog post, cuz, hot!

harley 2 - Eqix Raw

Filthy Little Cumslut - Penny Tration

Here's Sleepless 04 from one of Aria Horan's classic photoshoots (this!)


Sharon Summerwind - Marius Iscariot (check out more of their encounter here!)

Call me a... - Jordy Barnes

First visitor - Jackie Madison

So, here's one rather atypical entry, a uh, lesslatio? Fellanotio? Thank you TourDiddy for thinking of us as the description shows, with his Something or someone is missing..... - and we close with a shot from the wonderful PJ Thornton, featuring one of her unique looks and a tasty treat that is proving to be very popular in group. Here's A Cockwork Orange !

Fine! Have a great Friday, possibly rich in proteins rather than carbs, and see you very soon!

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