Wednesday, January 1, 2020

3DX Vacation! Episode 3 - O Unholy Night

I didn't think anything could top a night on the beach but I was determined to try.  I took a quick nap and shower, and then put on my sexiest red dress.  I had one thing on my mind and I would not be denied.

The nightclub wasn't too full yet - it wasn't quite midnight - but there were a few people around.  I danced for a little while but soon got bored and stepped into the back hallway.  I don't know what overtook me but seeing the man leaning against the wall triggered something primal and I dropped to my knees...

Afterwards, I checked myself in the mirror, and satisfied with my appearance I made my way back in to the club.  But this time I wasn't interested in dancing.  I was doing my vacation on MY terms and soon found myself on a sofa with a guy who had caught my eye earlier.  And when I say 'on a sofa' I don't mean eating popcorn and watching television...

I felt so relaxed as he shot his warm seed all over me...I had a couple of strong orgasms while he fucked me and I smiled to myself with the realization that my night was really just getting started.

Within a minute of getting my sperm shower, another total stranger grabbed me and started licking to be clear, this is not the kind of behavior one should expect under normal circumstances.  But I had signed up for this and I was not going to throw up my inhibitions this far I bent over slightly and enjoyed the sensation of his tongue on my ass.

What a perfect way to end the day.

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