Friday, January 3, 2020

3DXChat Vacation! Episode 5 - Young Stud Delivers

That afternoon I was pretty ready for a drink so I decided to go back to the scene of my night of debauchery the night before.  I really wasn't looking for anything but a drink at this point but I was leaving all of my options open. 

After settling onto my bar stool with a cocktail, I was approached by a younger guy - he couldn't have been more than 23 years old or so.  He was dressed pretty much like what every college guy I'd ever met dressed; casual, a hat...but god was he gorgeous.  He told me he was a delivery boy for a major firm on the coast and that he'd been given this vacation trip as a reward for his loyal service. 

He asked me to dance and I obliged him.  It didn't take long for me to fall into my normal habits. 😈

He suggested a quieter place in the back of the club - I smiled, nodded, and took his hand as he led me to a sofa around the corner.

We made out a bit but I was ready for more and suggested we make our way back to my house.  He didn't know it yet but I was already aching for more and I could tell from the bulge in his pants that this was no ordinary delivery boy.

Back at my apartment, we settled onto the sofa there, picking up where we had left off at the club.

To say I jerked him into life would be a mistake...this stud was already hard as a rock and huge to boot.  I was ready to blow him but he insisted on taking care of me first...I didn't let him lick me for too long before I suggested heading back to the bedroom.  At that point I knew this guy was going to fuck the shit out of me and I wanted to be comfortable.

I jerked his cock a few times and then sat on his face.  His tongue felt glorious and I squirmed on him with sheer joy.

Joyful as this was...I wanted to know what that thick cock felt like in my mouth...and I generally get what I want when it comes to this sort of thing.  I didn't have to suggest this twice and I savored every fucking inch of his monster-sized member.

There comes a moment in any sexual encounter when it's obvious that both parties are ready to take it to the next step.  We had reached that point and my young stud flipped me on my back, spread my legs, and entered me, all in one amazing motion.  I gasped as he sank his thick cock deep inside me, both startled and ecstatic at the same time.  

He fucked me like this for a me every inch of his glorious manhood in slow, firm thrusts.  He would pull almost all the way out of me, just the very tip of his dick slightly inside me, and then bury every inch of it inside me, to the hilt. Every. Fucking. Thrust.  8 inches of pure fucking ecstasy delivered with perfect timing and skill.  

I climbed on top of him as the sun set and came all over his cock and balls.  To say that I made a mess is an understatement.  I soaked him.

I leaned forward and started fucking him like crazy, totally out of control.  My pussy, totally drenched by this point, gripped him tightly and I used his 8 inches for my pleasure.  Not that he was complaining.

I was ready to cum again and boy did he know how to deliver.  I felt his member slipping into my ass pretty easily...after all, everything was pretty wet by that point, including his cock.  I squirted all over myself, moaning and saying unintelligible things as he mercilessly fucked my ass.

After he totally annihilated my ass, and I squirted goo all over the place, all I wanted was to lick his balls.  Don't ask me why - but as I lapped at them I could tell he was ready to pop so I took matters into my own hands.

As the sun sank into the ocean, my young stud delivered shot after shot of his thick, salty stuff all over my face and chest.  His orgasm seemed to last forever and my young artist painted a pretty picture on this canvas.  

Our bodies now entwined we lay there together for a long time...but my young stud delivered one more surprise that evening. 

But that story is for him and I only.  

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