Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dog Star Featured Model #323 - TraceyJaneh

I'm happy to feature Tracey today - hope you enjoy these pictures and learning a bit about this fun (and naughty!) woman!

Where are you from in RL?:    West Sussex, UK

What do you enjoy doing in SL?:      I like shopping, exploring new and unknown sims, dancing, flirting and, of course, sex.  

Flickr page?:    N/A

Turn Ons:    I like well mannered people that like to take control in sex, be in charge.  I also enjoy public sex.

Turn Offs:     People that are untrustworthy and unintelligent.  People who don't take care of their avatar.

Sexual Preference?:   Bisexual - I enjoy men and women equally.

What is your happiest SL memory?:    Well, in my earlier days in sl, i was just a newbie with the classic avatar and met really nice people that helped me a lot and taught me a lot of thinks about SL.  I am still in contact with many of them.  

Tracey wears Maitreya and the Lelutka Vera head.  

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