Monday, March 13, 2017

Cuntry Girl

Pictorial:  Tegan Malone
Story:  Isabelle Cheviot

"Howdy, boys", I shouted as I walked through the little opening in the fence row.  I had been in the barn, bored out of my mind when I saw them walking towards me.  Rodney and Peter had been our farmhands for a few years now.  They were the first boys I fantasized to as a budding teenager and now that I'd turned 18, it was time to make those fantasies come true.

 I often dressed in such a way to entice them but this time I wasn't teasing.  I could feel how eager they were as they pawed my body with their hands, rough from years of hard work.  They made quick work of my overalls and I was soon naked as a jaybird.

Rodney took my nipple into his mouth, sucking it like his Momma's tit.  I could feel the stubble on his face rasping against my breast, a reminder of his manliness.
 At the same time, Peter plunged his tongue inside my crack, licking me everywhere the good lord had made me to be licked.  I'd seen him eat after a long day on the ranch; he ate ME with the same hunger. 

These boys weren't here to fool around.  My hand rested on the hard fence rail as I steadied myself against the onslaught of their tongues.  I was soon moaning like a stuck pig.

"Happy Birthday to me" I said as I knelt down and took Rod and Peter into my hands.  Their cocks were as hard and strong as their bodies and I got down to business, licking, stroking and sucking them.  

Pa always told me I wasn't blessed with patience.  I guess he was right cause I couldn't wait to feel those cocks inside me.  The boys knew I was ready and they slid into me with ease.

Fuck it felt good as they filled me up.  Rodney held me against his body, his cock deep in my ass as Peter thrust up and down into my sweet pussy.  

You don't last long on my Daddy's ranch if you aren't polite and the boys were well trained.  They sweet talked me and whispered into my ear as they fucked both of my holes.  I purred like a barnyard pussycat.

Peter pulled me down to suck on his...well, his peter, while Rodney moved to my pussy.  I didn't need to move at all since Rodney's thrusts drove me back and forth onto Peter's peter.  

I sucked his cock good, I could tell cause he let out a deep moan.  I was a happy girl, my mouth and pussy full of cock.  The sounds of the farm filled my ears; horses whinnying, cattle braying, and this happy country girl getting skewered.

The boys switched up, spinning me around like they handle a rodeo calf. I didn't mind, I was just happy to be getting stuffed n fucked.  

The boys were now in perfect synch...matching their thrusts so that they passed me back and forth.  I let out a stifled moan as a sweet orgasm overtook me, my body shivering like the leaves on a tree.

But these boys weren't done with me yet.  They double stuffed me some more, my body now limp from pleasure and coated with slick sweat.  They were relentless...churning me like they were whipping butter.
 They pulled out of me and jerked themselves off all over my pretty face.  Their thick cream went everywhere and I was soon covered with it.

I smiled, knowing that today marked the first of what would surely become a new farmyard chore for those boys:  fucking the farmer's daughter!

The boys were happy too and with a glance backwards said "See you tomorrow!"

Tomorrow couldn't get here soon enough.

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  1. So much fun shooting this! Think she needs some more cuntry luvvin'