Friday, June 23, 2017

Fellatio Friday #44

Welcome to gallery number double 4! No , not 8... Okay, numbers are confusing me.
44 of these posts have been made so far! Make a candle for each of them and you have a standard box of Chanukah candles!
We look forward to the next 444 posts, even if obviously I am already running out of things to say to introduce them.

"Hello Neighbor", says JIMMY Windstorm. Rather embarassingly, he JUST ran out of cream.

But of course I will never tire to repeat: Join the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on flickr!
Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam. We're only posting one pic per person per week in this gallery, but no limit to how many you can enter in the group poll. Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!).

Does it Fit? - Woiven

@ Angel of Pain 2/3 - Mylene Leshelle

from his 'Blowjob with Avril' set, Franky Demonge

Getting back to work - Curty Dovgal

Nosh vs Katina came to its conclusion, check out the whole set on flickr (thank you Nosh!)!

Smokejob - Carola Conover

A Ginger and Two Hunks... , picture 2 of Marcus Strong's set with Argo and Ali Fox

Red Room Fellatio Friday - Notorious B.E.N. (so much more with Vixxen on the blog!)

A Mynx Friday - Ted Dosei

from his set 'Laureen Gets Fucked' , Elroy Click

Black cum 002 - Nuur

❤~Mornin Treat~❤ (Fellatio Friday) - Bibble Sugartooth

Mouthfull - Probably True

Cock worship - Kay Windstorm

Ravi - Our Fantasy a photo by Drakaina Lamia (and check the blog for more!)

Poolside - PJ Thornton

Goo-ey Mess ;) - John Stone
When Daddy is away.... - Sara Runo-Reed

more rubber with Tony (Aliveprince) in his pic with Isa

Is this allowed on Fellatio Friday? - Tricia Danyelsen

Untitled - Cally Janus

You don't say? - Sandra Palletier

Satisfying Her Need - Ember Wulluf

Giving Head - Zepp Sicling

They Also Served - Garen - Aria Horan

Greedy me...the only girl in the villa - Marilyn Steamer

Big White Chair 4 - Brea Brianna (the saga continues!)

And we conclude celebrating our picture n° 4'000 in group, The Porn Cinema by Rachel Swallows (enjoy the full set here ...and don't forget to check out the location itself at Fornicatio!) ....
....followed by our last pic for today,  Lendder_001 by Lasga Claven!

Enjoy your weekend and catch you at the latest, hottest party !

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