Friday, June 30, 2017

Fellatio Friday #45

And here we are, hitting 45! Like a Colt 45! Whether you like to shoot with your pistol or to gulp down something strong and inhebriating (and that doesn't taste all that great...), it works! This is your Dog Star Fellatio Friday showcase!

...mmmmgggghhh... (Fellatio Friday) by Enki. 
Sounds like he asked his model to choose the title...

I'll ask you now, as we did about 44 times already: "Interested in submitting a picture?"  Then look up the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on Flickr and join it.  Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam.  You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks so there is no limit.  Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!)

Painted her face 2 - Fututio

Hand job - Harley Islar

Out of Popcorn - Natsumi Xenga

another view from Paddling of Tori Good Girls Deserve Dessert - Jagger Draconis

Confidential Men Tony ∙ 2  - Ali Lancrae ( look into the blog post !)

Face Fuck - MrJackson

White Queen, Black King 9 - Marcus Strong (set with Kayla right here)

Just a taste - Rachel Swallows

The Watcher (part IV) Finale - Damien Godard (check out the whole story)

Sun and Fun - James Peen

Fun in the Sun - Kenny mrbigStuph (whole album with Kimmi here!)

Moments in Time - Topaz Lemondrop

Dare to Compare 8 (FF) - Noshinima Midas

A Long Hard Day_001 - Ivan Yerkinov

Laura Pool Time - Oral - Ted Dosei

Let me breathe... - Rikki Sixx

Jasmine Cove - April Jestyr

@ Dirty South Beach 1/3 - Mylene LeShelle (cum blog post !)

Oh Emanuelle - Sandra Palletier

Messy Finish - PJ Thornton

Naughty Submission -Daddy Ves & Klaudia - Ves The Rizing Sun

Fonda's Hunger_004 - Storm Greystoke

Dax Rahl enlarges his Showertime set and this is Ali's Shower 5!

Harem Days 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (full pee-pee flogging action on the blog !)

Yes dear - Curty Dovgal

Just the taste of you - Hunii B

6-29-17 Argo and Vixxy_002 - Vixxen Rainbow

Zero 6, from the Zero album - Hope Erotica

Sunday & Kiara Double Licking - Finn Hawthrone

Fellatio Friday - John Stone

Suck - Alexis Futanari

from the 'Experiencing Akira' album, Aria Horan

And we close the post this week with one amazing 'Just a taste' (ever popular picture title!) by Kressarah, and put the word 'the end' with a screenshot from Artfull Zane's latest porn movie, The Simone Landers Sex Tape !  Go watch it, we're done here!

Enjoy this FF and a whole week of oral pleasures!

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