Saturday, July 1, 2017

Pictorial - AmiaJordan

I started working with Amia quite awhile ago and I have loved every film of mine she's been in.  She's sexy as hell, and incredibly fun to chat and work with.  It's a crime that she hasn't already been on this blog and I'm glad to be able to finally correct that.  💋

Here's a link to an earlier photo set Amia and I were in together:  2 Blondes

And here's a list of Dog Star films Amia has been in so far:
   The Landlord
   The Babysitter's Second Job
   Working Out - Volume 4

Pictorial by Sunday Whitewood


  1. Thank you so way lots Isa! And Aslo to you Sunday! Wat a Great couple peeps to work with! Huggies!