Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Handyman Comes in Handy!

The other day, the sink in my kitchen clogged and I couldn't get it to drain.  So, I called this guy that a friend of mine recommended to me...a "handyman", she'd said.  "They often come in handy when you have something that needs to be fixed."

Models:  Isabelle Cheviot, JohnnyWhadd
Pics n' Story:  Isabelle Cheviot

I wasn't sure what time he was going to show up so I put on my gym clothes and was just about to head out when the doorbell rang.  It was him.  

I showed him the sink and told him that it needed to be unclogged.  "Probably just a stuck drain," he said.  "I'll just have to snake it out."

Uh huh...

I hopped up on the counter top and said "Maybe you should snake THIS out first."  I spread my legs alluringly as a big shit-eating grin came across his face.

I quickly took off my workout pants and the handyman got right to work. Spinning me around, his tongue worked its way up and down my crack, licking me in places good girls aren't allowed to talk about.  It felt fucking amazing!

He suggested that before he snake out my plumbing I ought to make sure his tool was in order...what a dork.  But his cock was huge, and it felt good in my mouth so I guess he was right...

Now that his tool was all ready, he got down to it...holy fuck, he was big, but I steadied myself against the wall while he slid into me.  I guess it wasn't THAT difficult since I was already so wet but damn did it feel like he struggled to get it all up inside me.

We got up on the counter and I straddled him.  I let out a pretty crazy-sounding moan as I slowly slid down on his dick...all the way.  I felt so full...but duh...I guess I WAS full of cock!

See what I mean??!?  Christ, it felt good inside me, so snug and tight.  

He led me over to a little chair against the wall and really went to town.  I mean he FUCKED ME and fucked me good.  Every thrust went all the way inside the hilt, as they say...and every time he pulled back, his cock almost went out of me entirely....

So what I'm saying is...I got to feel every inch of that big cock fucking me.  

Yes, I came...of course I came...who wouldn't?  

I didn't want it to stop...his powerful thrusts making me cum over and I matched his thrusts with my own...I fucked him back.  I didn't just lay there...I MADE him fuck me.  

His balls slapped against me with every push, and the sound of our bodies smacking together sounded like someone clapping their hands.

After a while I climbed back on top of him and bounced up on down on his cock...every once in awhile I'd reach down and rub his balls and OMG were they full!

With a loud groan, he flipped both of us around and started fucking me from behind SOOO hard...I could hear that clapping sound again every time he thrust into me as his body slammed against my butt cheeks.  I just let it happen...felt so good to be fucked like this!

I could tell he was getting close cause he started to moan wildly.  I was impressed though with how he just kept pounding that pussy of mine...lesser men would have popped a LONG time ago....I'm glad he held out cause I was cumming again!

But finally he had to let go and I jerked him off right into my mouth...his cock pulsed with pleasure as he spurted his goo all over me, my cheeks, chin, and tongue all covered with his sticky stuff.

I took him deep into my mouth as the last spurts of his orgasm shot out of him...his cock was big...but I did the best I could to take all of him in...I think I did pretty good!

After he cleaned up and got dressed, we said goodbye.  He thanked me with a smile and out the door he went.  

Which was right about the moment I realized that he never fixed the fucking sink!!

But no worries there...


"I'll just call him back over tomorrow!"

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