Friday, July 14, 2017

Fellatio Friday #47

Welcome to #47 of our Fellatio Friday post! Today is the 14th of July, traditionally picked as the starting date of the French revolution. In honor of the many victims that suffered decapitation through guillotine in the bloody conflict, we are here to give head, and not take any! Gosh what a bad joke. Too soon?

Anyway, you french kissed a cock, or the other way around (...I mean your cock has been kissed, not that a cock tongue kissed you, ew), and you want to share that picture with us?

We couldn't help but start with Enki and his ...Vive la France!... then!

Well please do it! You merely have to go on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Group on Flickr. Membership and submissions are controlled to avoid spam.  You may submit as many pictures as you like - I am only posting one per person per week - however, if you submit more than one, I will have plenty of pics to choose from in future weeks so there is no limit.  Pictures must be themed around blowjobs and all models must be human (the caveats one must use for SL!)

Fellatio Friday - Messy - Cheryl Reddevil

Afternoon Snack - Cody Aethmorot

POV Ceasar - Harley Snakeankle

from his Hotties Bordello 2 photoset , Elroy Click

Bondage Blowjob Roundabout 1/2  - Notorious B.E.N. (check the blog epicness!)

Gettin' It Good - Dokielicious Doobie

IJ2-The Rest of The Story 5 - Marcus Strong (Investigative Journalism 2 is here!)

4 for 1 - Jimmy Windstorm

Karen & Mr. Adebowale 23 - Karen Kondrad

Mutt & Kittie, Butt Chuggin - Mutt Ellison ('butt chuggin' must turn into a regular series. please!)

Nosh vs Katina Part 3 (FF) - Noshinima Midas (visit the full album here!)

Fellatio Friday - Tammy Jones-Pinedo - Kenny MrBigStuph

@ Angel of Pain 1/4 - Mylene LeShelle (on the naughty RP blog too)

Cotton Candy - by Nicko

Varsity Part 2: Football - Igor Romanov

Jonathan being nasty - Marilyn Steamer

DONT STOP! SWALLOW!_30042017_006 - Carla Draesia

Snorkeling - Melina Jameson

April shower 2 - Dax Rahl

S&L: Twice the Fun - Nakuru Bergamasco

That's a good girl - Rachel Swallows

Snapshot_020 - Christina Vilda

Anticipation - Traci Quandry

Erotic Morning - Lexi Fizzle-Jordan

TestDrive 01 , opening one of a personal favourite album from Aria Horan

Join me after your shift - Sandra Palletier

Beach weekend - Traverse Slade

Caught and fined - Argosi Domenici

Too Much Fun in the Sun - Mr. Jackson

When you came to visit - PJ Thornton

Midnight Blowjob - Finn Hawthrone

and we wrap the post up with a photo from what I consider one of true "must see" photosets in the history of SL porn, a beauty shot by Anyka Aiséirí over 2 years ago but that could have been made yesterday, "Earned it" and with another beautiful closeup by Heather Ashford.

 Enjoy your weekend and vive les pipes!

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