Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Some recent pictures...

Here are few recent pictures - some taken by me, some taken by others.  💋

First a picture by Mirko - he has a really great series with a white background.  I've been in a few - here's the most recent. 😇

In Between - by Mirko Panacek

Not long ago I attended a party in SL and for shits and giggles I went as a redhead.  I kind of like the look!  What do you think?
Red Isa - by Isabelle Cheviot

Ah, my Dutch sandwich...aftermath of a great time with Mirko and Bart. 
Dutch Sandwich - by Isabelle Cheviot

Another from my redhead series - taking the bull by the horns?
Femdom Red Isa - by Isabelle Cheviot

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