Friday, February 2, 2018

Fellatio Friday #76

Hello and welcome to Fellatio Friday #76. Hey Stampede, how about a poem? Oh nevermind that. This is the place to go to look at sooo many photos about fellatio! If you are not familiar with the meaning of the word, I am glad to help you freshen up your latin. It means, to suck! In the good, literal sense. Hey, don't I usually explain the obvious in the second paragraph?
Well, yes but the title of the opening picture is so long that I am not sure i have any space for the second paragraph...

" I’m ready to hope, swing me out of the low, Wide awake in the glow, can't do it alone, I’m ready to fly, uncover the light, Impossible heights." by Cameron (Rihanna Soulstar ). 

So yeah, in short: join the Flickr group called Dog Star Fellatio Friday and post there your BJ-related photos ( by 'related' we mean also  photos that suggest, invite or attest said act!). We are good kids and we opted out of the 30/60 limit.
In this post we publish no more than one photo per person, focusing on recent material but happily digging back plenty. Your FF starts now, have a fun one !

Total Submission. - Laina (read her full description, and check again B.E.N.'s own photoset !)

For the love of big cock - Heather Ashford

Lexi & Sasha - Dax Rahl

Bathed - Scotty

NO NEED TO KNEEL - Penny Tration

Untitled by vANTONv

Spank & Suck 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (and yes, well worth checking the blog too!)

WoW at the Beach Shower Surfers - Logan O'Leary

Suck - Alexis Futanari

6 000 000 views belated thank you - Sandra Palletier

FF with bane - Suzy St

Hot Breakfast - Laura Richards

XXX - C1nner

Waterfallin Too - Chase Stone

Rise and Shine - PJ Thornton

Hard Toolbox - Alegra Moonwalk

*..I Belong to You...*_01 - Miciona Clarity

Drawn on Desire - Cronus Storm

sisters time - Aura Kira

Swinging @ Mature Doggers 4/8 - Mylene LeShelle

Late Night Stop Over - Finn Hawthorne

SKC004 - Charlie Mandred

Internet Trolls Love Marcus Strong 2 - Marcus Strong - and check out the whole epic here!

Defeated Queen... - Sarah Naxos

Heather - Tyler Green

Hello! - Abhati O

2017 in Review: Woody - Aria Horan

No Vacancy - Wyatt Stone (and look at Jori's version here !)

 Mr black a taksum_005 - Nuur

Lolly licks - Jimmy Windstorm

Loving me a taste of her cock - Sheri Balto

And I close with a double take on the same pose, complete with punny titles! Above, "They Didn't Accept Creditcard....." by Ramos Darkfold, and below, "Kytta & Ramos | Tune Up Fees" by Kytta Cora!

Ahhh, pornstars and their payment methods, swipe-to-pay has such a long tradition in this business!
Have a great Friday !

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