Friday, February 23, 2018

Fellatio Friday #79

Hello and welcome and let's get on with the blowjob photos. Yes yes, it is Dog Star Fellatio #79, I am sure there's something funny to say about the number 79, but I really don't want to OMG did you know it is the number of bricks on the one dollar note pyramid??? I didn't. And not even wikipedia really believes that, saying 'citation needed'. So you are welcome to try and count the bricks on the one eyed pyramid now. Orrr, enjoy some one eyed obelisk views, right here!

Starting with Lillipop by Dax Rahl. Just because of the clever title of course...

So, okay, the little introduction: this is a weekly gallery post based on pictures posted on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday flickr group. It's based on cock sucking and aaaaall the likes. Suggestive pictures, cum tasting pictures, anything with an oral component, a desire and taste that is apparent. Well then of course there's just me goofing around, it's not as if a blog gallery has to be taken seriously! This post comes early-ish during the day that became known already as Fellatio Friday before we started this, and you are invited to join the fun posting your pics and notices on Friday in the porn groups and flickr! We gathers some of your oral contributions from the week, in what  is definitely the biggest and best (oh i remember writing this in the past!) group of cocksucking pics on flickr. On with the oral!

Just a little lick - Delicence

One thousand thank you! - River Anwyl

Untitled from Chummer

Red3 - Eddric Dayne

Turn your angel eyes my way - Ted Dosei

FF-SeasideSwallow - Chase Stone

Bar Tab - by April Jestyr (currently showing at Gemini) with Mistral ( here her DS pictorial!)

TRT_007 - Nuur

Adding to Today's Tally - Kara Hawk

Back and Forth - Sandra Palletier

Care to Join Us? - PJ Tornton

Friday Entry - Carola Conover

Natural Born Killer FF - Willow Eris

Fellatio Friday - Sharing is Caring - Jane Brown

Red Light I - Zoe Willows

When It's Right  - Abhati O

 this is part 5 of Glory Gurl Chapter 2 - Nikki T. Read it whole, it works on many levels !

Life of a Director - Tyler Green

Midnight snack - Nielaan

Fellatio Friday - Good little cocksucker  - Stephen Curry

Untitled by Mitya Dimas

Katina on the rocks - Constantine Hinterland

only really horny good... - Taylor Shamen

Oral sexcersize on the beach... - Tara Sweets

DrSleepy_010 - Tasha Weston from her set Dr Sleepy came to visit

POV BJ - Alexis Futanari

Oooh that's Amazing - Luke Fortacos

2 against 1, a lick with a view - Zepp Sicling

Superblow Sunday 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (obviously check the post out!)

My husband share me - Jade Doet, which comes with a link to a video by Karl Jerkins

Going Shopping #3 - Tricia Danielson

Keep Cumming - Cheryl Reddevil

And I am closing with a personal favourite from our lead contributor Marcus Strong in Double  Team (I am fine with him not getting blown by Van Damme and Rodman, even), and the amazingly sexy (and well prepared even in absence of the male model) KayDee Sommers in Sometimes to get clean...

Enjoy your Friday! What else can I say? Send me dick pics!
Stay tuned for a future Dog Star Pussy Licking group gallery by Isa, all the pictorials of the week, and have fun!

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