Friday, February 16, 2018

Fellatio Friday #78

Welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday, part 78! Hey, do you remember those shellac 78 rpm gramophone records? Ahhh, memories of stuff that...I actually never encountered. Dang, I am not THAT old, come on.
Anyway, TGIF,  enjoy the gallery!
No, not just yet the BJ photo slideshow, nu-uh, I mean an in-world gallery....

Yes, we open today with Cock by Heather Ashford: check her exhibition along with Chase, Daxie and Tour at the Forbidden Fruit Inc. Gallery!

Ok, NOW it's time for the 'gallery' !Aka, this small selection of pics taken from the ever growing collection of themed work (i should say, 'job' ?) uploaded on the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. Themed? Yep, and the theme is , fellatio! Cocksuck! Om Nom Nom canoli!
Want to be in it? Super easy: join and add photos who are linked to tasty (not necessarily tasteful...) cock thoughts! Sucking a dick seems the favourite  way to do it, but I do love the suggestive type of shots as well. Enough now. We'll get more into the intricacies of arbitrary selection another week. Now just know, we want your skillz so suck it good! And if you are in the mood to give us girls some more direct pleasure, do not forget our Dog Star Pussy Licking Group!

Born to Breed ♥ - TarTar

Bubbles - Jacky Mindes

That Look - Ivan Yerkinov

Wezo Melody - Waif Ah

POV-Simone - Thorgal McGillivary

The blow - Cain McBain

JMsl 10 - Jackie Madison

PRO TIP How to turn on your dishwasher. - Talisker Braveheart

FuckYou - Constantine Hinterland

So come on, give me a taste - Ted Dosei

....Greedy.... - Enki

Happy hours at the Cafe - Sandra Palletier

Glory Gurl ch.2 part 3 - Nikki T (check the series whole, and enjoy her writing!

Deep Throat - Alexis Futanari

Full Rich Bold Dark Flavor - Marcus Strong

That Night Was Such A Blur.. - Christina Vilda

motel blowjob_001 - Nuur

Watching TV - Grim Skall

Coffee and cream. - Rose Okiddo

Open wide - Gangrul

Sindee's Swallowing Session, one of the countless blog exclusives by Notorious B.E.N. !

Night ride - Core Nider through BarbieSL

H.A.M. and More  Pleasing Logan - Brea Brianna

Untitled by Shana Wild

Take My Mouth - Laina Alexandria (a post to read to be fully enjoyed!)

HYPERTROPHIED COCK'S VEINS FUCKER_05022018_009 - Carla Draesia

it happened, so Happy Valentines Day - Aurora Rose

Fonda Head Games_012 - Storm Greystoke

Motorboatin 1 - Chase Stone

Sharing is caring - Christina Monteverdi

again, it happened so.... valentin Day - Jade Doet

And in theme of things that happened, one for the italians with Sanremo! by River Anwyl, and one from a tremendously active member of the group as of late, the delightful (see what I did there! ) Vanessa DeLight in I DON'T GO LOOKING FOR TROUBLE....  Yeah sure!

Enjoy your Friday, and see you another week! Preferrably the next?

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