Friday, November 9, 2018

Fellatio Friday #113

Hello and welcome to number 113 in the series of the Dog Star Fellatio Friday posts! Lots of great phot...ehm screenshots, straight from flickr and its amazing community! In my usual disclaimer, I invite you here to post to the ...oh, heck, I usually do it after the first photo, actually! How can I fill up this precious space? Well  I guess I could use it for personal reasons, such as wishing a happy birthday!

Which better way to celebrate a rezzday on FF than this? Thanks to ZackSpaulding for this Focused photo, featuring the one and only birthday girl Rachel Avro!

I said "one and only", but it's actually also the birthday of the lovely Kara Hawk, and this "Countdown to Friday in 3...2...1..." is one of my fave from her (and never posted here before! Oh so many great shots in the group that have not been posted here. But it's of course in the Dog Star Fellatio Friday Flickr Group! You'll find the greatest selection of photos themed around bjs...gosh, to think that some may be gone forever after February of next year does make me sad, tho. Will we reach 10'000 photos in group before the new year, considering many streams are starting to slim down to comply with the new limit? Ha, that's a challenge. Anyway, it's a blowjob bonanza in there, and we want you to contribute with your erotic, funny, sexcellent photos!  The group needless to say is cock-sucking themed but...of course I like some variations that can give you....

.... The Taste of It  , yes, thank you Dokielicious Doobie!

♪♫ Ţęɭɭ ɱę; dįd ƴǫų ɭįçķ ɱƴ ƥɭąţę ♫♪ - Rowan Villiers

Double Fun - Carola Conover

Our Playground II. (Force) - Zoe Willows

Between my breasts - Jade Doet

Lick - Igor Romanov

wICKED blACKS&wHITE'S - Jacquimo Jackson

I got a new bed - Koko Tigerauge

2 on 3 ... - Paula Berger

beach_002 - Ladaka (and check the 'beach time' album !)

No Tell Motel.. - Marcus Strong

Porch Fun (2/2) - Nicko

Extras on the cruise - Peter Wanderer

Pandora's Penance 1/2 - Notorious B.E.N., only part of the full set to check on his blog!

Arousing - Delicence

CFNM - Clothed female naked male - Never get bored during laundry  - Betty Fashionlover

Feeding - Louise Kristan Faulds

I Can't Resist - She Squirms So Sexily Under My Hand - Storm Greystoke

and Kat Storm's version, How to take care of your man

Fellatio Friday - Carter Holloway - Stacey Lucciano

Alessia Liz_021 - Nuur (in the Painful Tenderness set, check it out!)

Gregory and i-4 - Aura Kira (look into her hot set here!)

Stuffed - Eddric Dayne

Spit Roasted - Daxie ENKI , through Blue Grut's flickr

Daddy's Girl - Heather Ashford

Raining day hooker - Grimblood Skall

Fellatio Friday Lick It - Jessica Moonlight

no surprise about how Nobody is Perfect (vANTONv) titles this: x :p

Good morning Junior - Zunx

it's time for some Untitled photos now with Jaffe Varialle...

...Teryl Nox...

...and JoeCia87 !

And here's a Porn Photo of the Day from Kayla Whittaker

AR004 - Cass Leslie

 Slow Licks - DaisyZanetti

Round Two - Vii Anwyl

Tsst, Iwone ! - Sandra Palletier

And we close with another inventive shot playing with the fellatio theme from Jenna Elena, in her Invisible man bj , and with one from madame Monique LeFry herself, in a photo (part of a bigger series that is still developing, Booty Camp) aptly titled The Interview. Ah my favourite kind of oral exam!

Enough for today! See you around for more and exciting porn piccies all week long!

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