Friday, November 23, 2018

Fellatio Friday #115

Hello and welcome! It's another Friday, but not just ANY Friday! It's Black Friday, which means a lot of you will be much busier with Thanksgiving leftovers and contributing to the economy like a good consumer would, than dealing with a proper mouth stuffing! Fine, fine...prove me wrong!

Not that the two can't get along. Such as the protagonists of Black Friday V from Miss Emily!

Now, quickly with my disclaimer: this post showcases images picked from the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group, on flickr. Said group is themed around blowjobs, as the name implies, so...why not submitting your photos for it? Sharing is caring! I am really keeping this intro short this time, so, on with the pictures! Starting with....

Thanksgiving Dinner at The O's - Abhati O

So NOT a chore from Isla Grace, whose interview I recommend to check out ! It's already one of our most viewed post -ever- , thanks to the wonderful Mature Doggers community!

Tease - Ayela

Heather is hungry - Argosi Domenici

Good to the last drop - Daisy Zanetti

Fellatio Friday-Bound - Kera Firecaster

Here's one from Spunk Punk, one of the great posts you can find on  Notorious B.E.N.'s blog!

Three is never a crowd - Monique LeFry

It was really hot at the fireplace ... - Koko Tigerauge

Fellatio Friday - Rachel Swallows (check the full blog post, too!)

Take a Bow - Roxi Richez

Here's Kara Summers in Snapshot_083 by BigD Elcano!

Play by Domizia Rosea in a real hit of a pose she created and you'll see a lot!

Fountain Circus - Eripom Moonwall

Black Friday - River Anwyl

Ass up baby - Dax Rahl

Tasty - Osiris LeShelle

Uhhh - Alegra Moonwalk

Gasps - Coco (Shnucks Swashbuckler)

In Space they can hear you cum - Marcus Strong

Bath & shower - Sandra Palletier

Trailer trash Ginger 03 - Cass Leslie

Two way communication - Lake Bite (Anniek Watkins)

mmmMai F. Friday - Leanna Mai

It's that man Argo again in Double FF with Argo by Logan OLeary

Asylum Treatment - Jenna Elena

Snapshot by April Summirs

Le Lick - Dominic Trindade

Dominator - Merie Merie

Don't Bite - Grim Skall

Blowing Him Off - Tricia Danielson

Happy Friday. - Peter Wanderer


Humm humpff Uhmmmmmm - Paula Berger

Menage a trois - Piper Olivia

Last Call-27 from Tommy Gun Productions and the steamy 47 picture set

on her knees - Traverse Slade

Felatio Friday - Deep Pleasure - Skorpio (ZackSpalding)

Insatiable on Fellatio Friday's - Storm Greystoke (check Kat's version here too!)

Open Wide - Chris Lion

And to close the post, here's this minisaga that celebrated Tegan Malone's birthday! In Happy Birthday! Which one do you want to Blow? you can really see the tension ! Only the following photo, by Scotty, Her Choice, will solve the conundrum! Which one will she pick??? The cake or the ...

Ahh screw it, you knew it would end up that way, right? Hope you make the right choices today as well, in your shopping, in your refrigerated leftovers, and more! Have a crazy good weekend!

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