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Interview - IslaGrace

There are many sex sims around Second Life that cater to a wide variety of interests.  I've often said that if you can't get laid in SL...well you just aren't even remotely trying.  Some of these sex sims are really just way stations for people to quickly get their rocks off without putting too much effort in terms of physical appearance, or their role play.  We've all been to those places where there are porn pictures on the wall, and several male avatars standing around naked.

Mature Doggers Public Sex Park is NOT one of those places.  For reasons we will get into below, Mature Doggers is a cut above the rest.  Although it doesn't get the traffic some other sex sims get, it does get a more discerning set of visitors who for the most part have put in some effort to make themselves look fuckable...and who actually do a fair job of role playing as well.

The driving force behind Mature Doggers is one of the most amazing women I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Period.  Not just in our virtual world; I mean anywhere.  Isla has had her hands in almost every aspect of the SL adult world (well, almost!) and along the way has created some incredible photography, an amazing blog, and what I find to be one of the best places in SL to catch up on some good old virtual shagging.

It was truly my privilege and honor to spend a few days with Isla talking about her Second Life, her sim, her avatar, and her photography.  We had a great time chatting and I am confident you will find her to be as intelligent, charming, and witty as I found her to be.  Enjoy.  💋

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Nailbiting stuff - Photo by IslaGrace
Isabelle:   Isla - where in the world are you?  :)

Isla:   I am just a normal housewife from the North of England .. where it's cold most of the time but the people are warm :)

Isabelle:   Sounds nice - any thoughts on Brexit?  I'm kidding!  Please don't answer that!

Isla:  WAAAH!!! Laughs.. where's the door.. hahahah!

Simply Me - Photo by IslaGrace
Isabelle:   Your profile says you've been here since 2014 - is this your first avatar?  You have an amazing avatar, are a superb photographer, and you own one of the premiere sex sims in SL.  How did you do all this in such a short time?  it's an amazing accomplishment!

Isla:  *Blushes*  Well obviously I didn't come back a total noob.. so my learning curve wasn't as steep as many newcomers. I have to admit though that mesh was new to me and I spent a lot of time ending up wearing half an outfit. In my previous SL life.. I wasn't heavily into the adult side of things, so figured this time I might try it differently. I went to Lar's (a strip club) and was soon a regular dancer there.. and found out I loved getting cheeky and flirty.
     I was always a shutterbug too.. but obviously as SL graphics got better.. then the possibility of taking better images came along too. It is something I just enjoy doing, I am still very much a learner though.

Waiting Around - Photo by IslaGrace
Isabelle:  How did you originally find your way to SL?

Isla:  I used to play Sims Online wayyy back.. obviously very sociable but also very limited.. and at the time there were rumours of it closing down and many of my friends at the time made their way over to Second Life.. I stuck with Sims Online but in the end I felt the draw to see what it was like here.. and have only left it for that short time out.. Needless to say i LOVE it! :)  I have my original avatar (also named Isla.. I am not very original there huh)  I started SL in 2007.. way back when Linden would put a shoe and hair up ya bum to help you out.  I took a break for personal reasons for maybe around 18 months. I deleted my AV thinking I would never return.. however after a while I just missed it.. so here I am :)

Sometimes only in dreams can things become clear - Photo by IslaGrace
Isabelle:  What was the first thing you got into when you came back in 2014?

Isla: Well.. I re-connected with some friends from my previous Isla.. it was important for me to do that.  Then I went to Lars and worked. usually most days, just a lot of fun chatting and  flirting.  It helped me make money so I could update my AV.. and I rekindled my love for shopping! ahahah...

Isabelle: You know - people think SL is built on sex...but it's REALLY built on our love for shopping!

Isla:  Laughs.. that and people.. though obviously sex has a big place in SL.. it is the interaction with people from different places all round the world that I love.

Isabelle:  I think that's an under-appreciated aspect of SL...with all of the craziness around the world, SL proves we can all get along for the most part.

Isla: Oh yes I agree.. obviously there can be cultural differences, but it is just great to know we can find friends from every corner of the globe.. :)
They said milk was good for the skin - Photo by IslaGrace

Isabelle:  Ok so you were working at Lars'....and then what led to the creation of MD?

Isla:  I worked at Lars very happily for a long time. Obviously though I expanded my list of places to visit and one of the sims I used to go to with friends was Mature Doggers. It was initially started by Sonia Igeria around 2015 so I cannot take credit for its inception.  I loved going there, it was always a good mix of people.. though at times very quiet.  I soon because a regular there and Sonia invited me to be a guard.. meaning I was dealing with any issues at the Park.  I took it that little bit further and started being quite active with promoting the sim using the group chat (I do love to chat!!) It was all great for a while until sadly Sonia took very ill, I stepped up and ran the place from about the middle of 2017 in the view of her returning but sadly that didn't happen, and I took over as owner in Oct/Nov 2017.  When I started it we were at around 5,000 members , now we boast over 11,500! It amazes me how much it has grown and how swiftly.

Isabelle:  One of the noteworthy things about Mature Doggers is that there is a group charge to enter the sim.  What's the current rate and what is the thinking behind this charge?
Who is lurking in those shadows - Photo by IslaGrace
Isla: The fee is 100L. It was introduced a long time ago. There had been a spate of trolling/griefing issues when it was a free to enter sim and to counteract this a charge was put in place. It is a smaller fee compared to the majority of fee charging spots. We wanted to try and keep out those intent on creating problems. but also leaving it at a cost most could manage. Obviously it all helps to pay for the land and keep us open :)

Isabelle: I also think it improves the quality of avatar you get there, frankly.  fewer noobs and shirtless guys wearing bathing suits!

Isla:  Laughs!.. Well we do try to make it inclusive to all.. not everyone has access to the funds to make a super dooper swanky AV.. however it has allowed us to stay relatively trouble free..  :)

Isabelle:  Fair enough.  So - you're also positioned next to Omnipotent - is there a connection there and if so, how did that come about?

Isla: The owner of Omnipotent is a co-owner of Mature Doggers too.. all be it more in a silent capacity so yes we are connected.  He focuses on making fun toys that we can use in the Park like the glory holes, gang bang cage, hip bars and bang bus we use at Doggers are all made by Vijay. We also have Erotic Visuals store which I now run , and up in the air between the two stores I have a small gallery as well.

Isabelle: What's the hardest part about owning/running a sex sim in SL? 

Teleport landing area at Mature Dogger's - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla:  Well before I say anything I do want to say that I truly do love it... and I wouldn't be still here doing it if I didn't but obviously it is not without its challenges.  We do have rules there.. and obviously you get those who like to push the envelope a bit.. Thankfully we have a wonderful team of guards who help me deal with those kinds of issues.  One aspect that has sometimes affected me is that I have in the past felt like I needed to "perform" there.. as if i owed it to those at Doggers.. but it did lead me to not necessarily enjoying sex like I should.. so now I have purposefully cut back on my own activity there and will just do things when I want to rather than feeling obligated and it has made me far happier.  We are lucky that Doggers is a nice community.. the vast majority of people are really great, we have a chat, a laugh and obviously some naughty times... One thing I had encountered that I was not expecting has been those saying "You can't be a woman... you own a sex sim.. " which does make me chuckle.. I am very much a female, I just enjoy sex, and love to see other people having their fun too.

Isabelle: I don't think guys, and many women, realize just how sexist it is to suggest women don't love sex as much as guys.  we have our fantasies too!
IslaGrace at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isla: Laughs.. yep.. I have always had a healthy outlook on sex.. it's fun, so why not! :)

Isabelle: And it's great exercise! So to turn the question on its head...what's the best thing about owning a sex sim in SL?

Isla: Other than the none stop supply of sexy menfolks..??  I adore interacting with people.. I am both an exhibitionist as well as a voyeur so having Doggers allows me to go with the flow there and bring out whatever side of me feels like being out that day. More so though, I just love being able to make a nice place for people to indulge in their fantasies... we try and build a safe, friendly environment.. and seeing people having fun really does make it all worth while.

Isabelle:  We're standing in the Glory Hole area here on the sim - can you describe this for our readers?

Isla: This area comprises of Glory Holes.. basically they provide semi-anonymous spots for fucking... Ladies take a hole.. and lay with heads or rear ends poking out and wait nervously to be used by whoever comes along!... It can be very exciting not knowing who might show up and is an ideal spot for freeing the inner slut.  We have single person holes made for one female and one male.. but then also the 3 holes where men can use both ends.. as well as a display table.. It can be quite a popular spot.

Isabelle: Confession time...this is one of my favorite places on the sim.  this is such a hot fantasy for me personally.  In real life I would NEVER do something like this, but the idea of totally anonymous sex is really compelling to me.  so I'm super glad this is here!

Isla:  It has been a big popular part of Doggers since its inception and remains a firm favourite.. one of mine too ;)

Naughty Corner at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
 Isabelle: So this is Naughty Corner - this is such a great part of the sim; and it's great for filming. I've shot one or two scenes back here for films.  Do you have a policy on filming or photographing on the sim?

Isla: It is highly encouraged. We do ask that people obviously ask permission from anyone they may be with at the time.. We have a Flickr group for the Park.. which anyone can post their Doggers images to. Filming is fine as well.. though it is always nice for the sim to get a mention in any credits.

Isabelle:  Porn theaters are common in sex you think this betrays a particular male fantasy?

IslaGrace near the Sex Cinema at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla: Laughs.. well.. I personally love the idea of a bit of a back row fumble.. Judging from the people we get wandering through here I would say it is a pretty common fantasy and one which we are happy to indulge.  We get people coming in .. watching the movie, having some fun and then being watched themselves. So it is all just a very inclusive place to be.. we even popped the bukkake spot up front beside the screen.. "just in case" ;)

Isabelle: I'm in the peep show room - what's this all about?  How does it work?

Peep Show area at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla: We have a traditional style Peep show booth.. a single performer can go on the pole and do a seductive dance.. though this being Doggers the pole can also be used by invited men too.  In each small cubicle where the guys stand there are mini glory holes, just in case any should have a happy ending there too.

Isabelle: I love the concept.  Do you schedule girls to dance here or is it first come (ahem) first serve?

Isla: It is just a case of whoever fancies having a go really at any time. We are not a sim of many scheduled events of happenings, since people tend to visit at all hours of the day things tend to just happen sporadically.. which I feel is better.

Isabelle:  It does lend itself to a spontaneity that I really like.  So we're in the Body Shots bar - I've never actually been in here - is this new?

Bodyshots Bar at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla: The Body shots bar has been part of the Park for a while now. However recently I changed the building it is housed in .. so it now has a dance room upstairs.. (which also has an orgy mattress)  The bar itself is great.. but also the tables are amazing.. You can also play real darts .. and can challenge friends to little games.

Isabelle: Does anyone want to challenge me to a game of strip darts?  ;)

Isabelle: The pool area sees a TON of this the most popular place on the sim?  If not, what is?
The pool at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isla: The Pool is a fun addition at the side of the motel.. we can have a lot of people having fun at one time here so great for orgies. For example the sex-tional sofa we have takes 9 people (3 lots of 3) and one lounger takes up to 3 people.. the other takes 4 as does the spa tub. so yep. it can be a great spot.  We also have the "Random Key in BowlGame" here by the pool.. which is basically a bit like old wife swapping style.. men pop keys in.. women draw random then they go get off with one another.

Isabelle: And the motel itself is quite popular - I've spent some time here myself.  Purely doing research, of course. ;)

Motel at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla: Oh I love it there.. Obviously the main concept of Doggers is sex in public.. but the motel can lend a little touch more privacy in some regard in that people can go into a room.. however each one can be viewed easily.  There is a variety of beds and things like foot fetish item and cuckolding sofa in the motel too.

Isabelle: I notice that MD has a policy against escorting - why is that and has it been a problem enforcing that?

Isla: Yes we do have a policy against Escorting. We have a motto. We don't pay, we roleplay... and this is something I feel very strongly about. People already pay their 100L entrance fee.. so after that sex is meant to be free.. anyone caught doing it is removed from the group.

Isabelle:  I have to tell you that i really am grateful for that policy.  I've been in other sex sims where I've been literally yelled at by escorts who see me as cutting into their business.

Isla: No place for that here :)

The Church at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isabelle: One of the things I really like about Doggers is all of the little tucked away places to do naughty things.  As an example, which I'm reminded of as we are standing near this church and graveyard, I once encountered a man who wanted to masturbate while he watched me urinate.  Why not? So I crouched down behind this church and let him enjoy himself.  I feel Doggers tucked away places allows for special and unique encounters like that one.

Isla: Yep.. we do.. really as long as it is between two mutually consenting adults (and within our rules) then it's fine.

Memorial for Sonia - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle:  What is this back here?  It's lovely.

Isla: This is a memorial garden I made for Sonia, our original founder.  It is just a small space to reflect, have some quiet.. plus it overlooks the gang bang cage which she would have loved! laughs

Isabelle: Wait - did you say gang bang cage?  Tell me more about that!  Asking for a friend...;)

Gangbang cage at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot
Isla:  Giggles.. we all have those "friends " eh ;)   It is one of Omnipotent's toys.. A woman takes the centre podium and can be used by multiple men on it. It can have a cage round it too though I have found many here seem to keep that off.  I have used it once or twice *coughs*. We also have a couple of park benches for those who just maybe want to watch.

Isabelle: What a great idea!

Isla: This is why I try and encourage people to explore. We have so many hidden spots...

Isabelle: This is unique; what is this back here?

Isla: This is the little "Secret Garden"... and actually one of my favourite little spots of the Park... aesthetically pleasing and naughty!.  It is predominantly BDSM toys, though the Altar has great animations for couples and multiples too.  We even have a femme domme mat there for those ladies who like being in charge.

Isabelle: It's good that you consider Femdom...not every woman is submissive ;)
Points back at the Secret Garden. This is somewhat new, yes?
The Secret Garden at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isla: It is relatively new yes. I add little bits all the time. Usually as I add one new item of furniture I remove another to try to keep scripts down. I try and add new items or swap things regularly to keep up interest and to cater for different things.

Isabelle: Is lag a problem here often?

Isla: When I took over it was terrible.. But that was due to older items of furniture and outdated buildings. I rebuilt the entire park and opened the new look place in January and I have not had much of an issue since then. We also have a lag meter that will kick home anyone wearing over 200 scripts. so I think we do pretty well.

Isabelle: What happened to the beach?

Isla: Ah yes.. We used to have a parcel of land behind where we are now.. it stretched down to the water extending our parcel. When Sonia got sick she had to let that plot of land go.  It was then re-rented time and again.. so the beach was never rebuilt. I have no real plans to bring it back either.. People seem to be ok with that and just relax by the pool instead :)
IslaGrace at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle: There are a lot of well known sex sims where a beach is the main focus; Mature Doggers is unique in that it focuses on 'micro experiences'....which is great on several levels. It caters to many fantasies and interests. There's something for everyone here!

Isla: Well Dogging in RL is mainly done in places like parks and woodland clearances... often in cars too.. which is why we have this side for more traditional Dogging lovers

Isabelle: Tell me more about Dogging.  I believe that's a uniquely British thing, correct? 

Isla:  Well the term "Dogging" is a British slang word for having sex in public or watching people have sex. It came about as often it would take place in parks and such.. and the people watching would often take their pet dogs so if police turned up they could claim to be there innocently walking their dogs !!.. There are many Dogging locations in England though I am pretty sure they are all over the world too no doubt.. but perhaps under different names.

Isabelle:  Totally switching gears here; tell us a little bit about your Gacha reselling?

Isla: Ah yeah.. I am a bit of a shopaholic.. and Gachas have in the past been a weakness.. however nowadays I just try and be good! I just had the MarketPlace store so I could pop on there any spares I got, though recently I have been pushed for time so have tended to give them away.. lol..
IslaGrace at Mature Doggers - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle:  Makes sense and I think this is a fairly common practice.  You're also a blogger? 

Isla: The Tumblr blog is something I started quite a while back. I have a lot of naughty adventures so figured it would be a fun way for me to catalogue some of them , obviously with consent.  Since Doggers though updating it has not happened. but once the festive season is out of the way.. New Years resolution is to make sure I get back to it.

Isabelle: What is your tie to SL Unplugged?

Isla:  I met Core (The owner) a long time back, we got chatting and he asked if I would be interested in modelling. I said sure.. and signed up.. and then he noticed that I also took photographs so I started submitting to the publication.  Now I contribute for several of the features in there and Core has me down as Co-Owner.. though really I think he flatters me far too much!.. We have a wonderful hard working team of people who run round doing lots of work. I am just a small part of a big picture.. and it is great fun to do. I am very proud of the end product we produce.

Isabelle: How often is the magazine released?

Isla: It is Quarterly.. We are just finishing up for the issue that will be out in December.. a nice festive edition :)

Isabelle: And if someone is interested in modeling or submitting content, what is the process for that or is it invitation only?

Isla:  Well we are always open for Models. Photographers, Bloggers/Writers as well as Devleopers/Creators or other businesses who may like to advertise with us.  Core Nider mainly takes care of the models/photographers, I take care usually of my own submissions but also any Stories we get submitted.. and then Tink Wardell deals with sponsorship, adverts and our kiosks.  The magazine is available on MP, we also have it available to read online.. and we have Kiosks throughout the grid at the sims relating to those who sponsor the magazine.. such as Doggers.
IslaGrace in her Gallery - picture by Isabelle Cheviot

Isabelle:  I want to dive a bit into your photography.  First, can you identify a common theme that runs through your work?

Isla:  Hmm usually erotic... though I do try and make it so its not such "in your face porn" style.. someone once said I have a way of making sex look softer and visually pleasing.. I don't really know.. I just try different angles and if I like how something looks I click.

Isabelle: Yet some of your work DOES contain hardcore elements.

Isla: Oh yes, I am not shy of sexy pictures.. I have penetration shots, cum shots, and seemingly a large amount of blow job pictures.. no idea why.. *laughs* but I do try and take them in a tasteful fashion.

Isabelle: For example, your picture 'Afternoon Delight' in which you are sitting on....who is the lucky gentleman in the picture?
Afternoon Delight - Photo by IslaGrace

Isla:  Oh yes.. that is my best friend.. he may wish to remain anonymous but he knows who he is..  He and I have played together for a few years now, he is someone I trust implicitly.. and he does feature in a fair amount of my pictures.. though he is constantly changing his look so often it may not be aparrent .. laughs!

Isabelle: Can I have his phone number?  ;)

Isla:  Laughs hard!!  He is a hotty.. this cannot be denied ;)

Isabelle: What I like about that picture, and I see this in much of your work, the focus is very much on the feminine - you shoot it from above sort of, looking down on the whole scene but YOU are very much the center of attention.  the act of penetration is almost an afterthought.  is this 'eroticizing' of the sexual act intentional?

Isla:  Well.. I find the act as a whole very erotic rather than just a quick close up of a cock and a pussy.. so I do try and encompass that in the pictures I take.  The vast majority of sexual ones I take are actually taken in mid flow of a role-play... so I am capturing a moment of pleasure.. rather than posing statically just for the purpose of picture taking, and hopefully that comes across.

Back in the Saddle - Photo by IslaGrace
Isabelle: I see - but let's contrast that with your picture 'Back in the Saddle'.  This picture still contains the element of sensual eroticism.  "Pretty fucking", in other words.  Your mouth is partially open, the results of an orgasm dripping down your chin.  Your eyes are half open, clearly in the throes of ecstasy...And behind you, again, almost as an afterthought, is a man inside you.  We see no penetration, we don't see his cock at all...the focus is on your face and the intense look of pleasure there.  It's amazing,'ve captured a hardcore moment but have managed to do so from an erotic viewpoint.  The hardcore elements are just the foundation upon which you've built a truly erotic picture.

Isla:  Ah yes.. I remember that moment very well.. It wasn't the same gent, it was actually a stranger so his torso was used but not his head to maintain his anonymity.  I guess I find the pleasure being shown more [visually] pleasing that the actual sight of the penetration itself.. I mean obviously that is also great and has it's place. But again it is about trying to capture more a feeling than just a physical act.

Isabelle: Speaking of cum shots...what is your favorite facial HUD?

Isla: Hmm I use the Chrysanthemum Oral Sex hud mainly but I do use one from Blow Up Doll too.. which has a wriggly tongue lol we all love a wriggly tongue right?

Isabelle: God knows I do...

Isla: Laughs hard! And then I also have the It's Not Mine cum system. Which I absolutely love! LOL
That After Feeling (Close up) - Photo by IslaGrace

Isabelle: It's pretty hot, for sure.  Do you find the act of having to shower afterwards a bit of a highlight?  I have to admit that it makes me feel dirty in the best possibly sense of that word.

Isla:  Showering after, hmm I am not sure. I just do it.. but if I am misbehaving a lot in one day sometimes I may not even bother.. that shot in particular (Back in the Saddle) was the 4th man in a row.. I had not fucked in a while and was back to it with gusto!

Isabelle: We're all thankful for your dedication to your craft. :)

Isabelle: So - what's your opinion of the recent decision by Flickr to limit the number of pictures unless you 'go pro'?

Isla: The new Flickr rules are obviously there to try and help them out.. at the end of a day they are a business and if all they did was give free stuff then they wouldn't be a very good business. It sucked having to delete a lot of my older images but I guess it is a case of out with the old and in with the new.. so I will just delete as I add more.  Some people however will lose thousands. It may have been better for them to just halve the storage space or even quarter it.

Isabelle: Or just pay the small fee to go pro?

Isla: Well some people like myself have SL and their Flickr as their own little secret thing... so paying for it is not an option for some :)
Enjoying the feeling of being back on terra firma - Photo by IslaGrace

Isabelle: Good point.  So tell us about you, your avatar.  Which mesh avi do you use?

Isla:  I currently wear Maitreya Lara body, and mesh head is Catwa Catya .. I do also have the Belleza Freya body as I do like curves.. however more clothes are made for Lara.. so I tend to stick with that.

Isabelle: Do you often change your avatar's look?

Isla: I have changed skin a few times.. but basically I have always been a curvy blonde.. and the looks haven't altered too drastically.. If you look back at my Flickr I guess you can kind of see where subtle changes have happened.. I do on occasion change completely. For example recently for SL Unplugged feature I made a brunette and a redhead..  always fun. but I feel more "me" when I go back blonde.

Gone to the Dark Side - Photo by IslaGrace

Isabelle:  Where do you get most of your hair?

Isla:  Oh hair! I am a hair o'holic ! .. My favourite stores are Truth, [e], Stealthic, Navy & Copper, and Magika.. though as long as the blondes are nice I will try and more than likely buy... It's a bit like my love of shoes.. no idea on how many I own  ahahaha.. As for a style.. well.. I am a mature lady in RL.. so I tend not to go for looks that are very young looking.. I like classic styles, my wardrobe varies from everyday jeans, sweaters and dresses to rope harnesses and everything in between. My friend who was mentioned earlier does always laugh when I say I am buying more lingerie.. It is a bit of a habit ;)  I vary how I look a little.. sometimes hair may be short. long, wavy or straight.. it is just how I feel in the moment. just as in RL there are days when you want to pop on some lippy and set the world on fire in a killer outfit.. but then there are days when you want to wear a sloppy sweater and just chill...

Isabelle:  What's next for IslaGrace?
Found I had a lot in common with my new friend - Photo by Isla Grace

Isla:  Looking ahead to the new year I may decide to give Doggers a little shake up again, possibly do some remodeling... It will have been in situ as it stands for a year by then.. though I haven't quite decided what to do with it. Regardless of what happens we shall continue to try and build upon what we have already.. a great community of like minded pervs who make the whole place swing. I seriously could not do it all without the help from the dedicated volunteers.. my long suffering friend who is my right hand man there and has to listen to my whines when things don't go quite right.. and obviously those in the group.. their continued support is amazing. There are moments I drop in .. see people having fun and just feel so blessed to be allowed to be part of it.  I think for sex sims in general .. some get created.. and just get forgotten.. some don't move with the times and end up looking old and jaded.. but I try to keep actively involved.. we try to keep on top of problems.. and its worked well so far. 
     I will keep on taking photos, and hopefully keep on getting better at it.. both for SL Unplugged and for my own Flickr/gallery.  I like to be able to create images that then remind me of the moment in time.. with the sexual pictures very often I can still recall the RP and the feelings from the time I took them which is precious to me. 
     I'd like to say a huge thank you for allowing me to waffle on.. it has been a huge pleasure to speak with you, and I wish you and all the readers the very best..  My time in SL for 11 yrs has been amazing.. I have met so many lovely people and been privileged to be part of many great things..and look forward to continuing it for as long as LL lets us :)

Isabelle:  Isla, the pleasure has been mine.  Thank you for your candor, and for being so generous with your time. 

Love is blind...and can leave you speechless - Photo by IslaGrace

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