Friday, March 1, 2019

Fellatio Friday #129

Welcome everyone! I always end up opening with some numbers, generally a three digit one: it's Dog Star Fellatio Friday #129, after all, yay us. But even yayer us when you consider that we officially broke into the five (5!) digits this week, reaching over 10'000 pictures posted in our flickr group.
That's a LOT of blowjobs, so thank you for being so hard working! Also, I do find quite humorous that picture 10'000 as of the time the goal was reached (there's always some photo being deleted from flickr which may make the figures diminish slightly, but the intake is always quite strong with 60-90 new pics every week) belongs to one of the usual suspects...

Ah-ha, it's that man Marcus Strong, with this photo, Selina Takes a Double Dose!

Enough celebrations, and let me give you instructions about this whole FF thing!
See the link to the group above? Easy then, join it, submit your fellatio themed photos and voilà! Your picture will...not automatically published, sorry. I want to! I want everyone happy, but happiness is a well made/fun/silly/sexy/filthy fellatio pic, not being in a silly blog post. Especially one posted at erratic hours exactly to avoid that 'I need to be in the gallerypostoftheday' flavour :p.
So yes, This post is just a showcase of bj photos, adding to the'Fellatio Friday' mood. I don't feel like making it all of 'old' photos and I do like to show many from the current week, but the point is to show a wide selection, which will always be a fraction of all the good stuff you can see on Flickr. Now let's work on another 10'000 :p

In The Heat Of The Moment .... - SolidX

hungry... - Purplerain Exonar

The final - Ilseray

Fellatio - Morgan Talbot

Pleasure-Bound - Laura Richards

The LAWS of STORM - David Storm

COCKTAIL - Roberta M (Rory80)

gym 3/4 - Ludwig Sabretooth (gotta check the other photos here!)

Naughty Little Mermaid - Lauren Fairport

Feeding - Abhati O

Will it fit 02 - Dakota Faith

helping Master relax after work - Rhys Jameson Fairport

Savory - Boricua Flow

I like this !! give me your sperm daddy - ASJoker

Cat Attack - Alexis Futanari

star sucking Monkey on Friday - Monkey Jacksen

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

Beauty and the Beast - Jessie G

Dauhgter and Mom - JoeCIA87

XxX - Merie Merie (yes there's also an X vANTONv, obviously!)

Spa oddity2 - Sandra Palletier

Another worshiper - Jackie Madison

Gas or Ass (5/5) - Nicky Delicioso

REPEAT AFTER ME! I AM YOUR CUM DUMPSTER!_22022019_003 - Carla Draesia

Making memories - Brendan Rain

Untitled by Schism Zeplin

Untitled by Smash Bros SL

Fellatio Friday - Morriana Darkstar

The rubik's cube I never solve so i skipped to the first price - Lake Bite

Random Friday Activities - Osiris LeShelle

A&J2 - Aliamaru

Lil bit of love from both sides - Dax Rahl

Fellatio Friday Web Cam Show - Kelli Kristan

It was a busy time on the set of Miss Emily's Intergalactic SLUTS episode 2 for me! Check the video right here.

kayah_001 - Lasga Claven

!!!Daddy ghost_003 - Pretty Perion

deep throat - Sam Dellaux

chilling by the pool - Zoey Wild

And we close with an innocent photo by the ever lovely Paula Berger, where only my dirty mind could see something porny: its title is Ice Cream 1, after all! And with this capture by the ever naughty Christina Vilda, who shows (check out the gyazo gif for it...) some serious handywork which I am sure will have delicious results. Yes, it's a Fellatio gallery and I feature ice cream and handjobs. Told you I was not to take that seriously!

That's it for today! Keep your mouths, hands and all relevant parts sharp....I mean, smooth and all that. And catch you next week!

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