Friday, March 29, 2019

Fellatio Friday #133

Hello! Welcome! Hurray! What am I celebrating and/or being cheerful for? You are here reading this, for a start! And, nothing new except what is quite awesome per se: another week of plentiful neeeew hot submissions for the largest and obviously bestest flickr group (ever. period. Oh there's more? Fine, but I rest my case) themed around Fellatio. With so many entries every week based on one simple sex act, that you see executed in so many artful ways. Starting with...

Good Gurl (FF), another rather hot photo by Sweet Poison (Zoeeey Valissa), with Nak!

So, now you be good boys and gurls, and go make Fellatious things happen! This post details your suckscapades of various nature: it comes out on Friday, aka the Fellatio day according to flickr memes and all that. It's posted with pics from your weeklong activities tho, just remember to add the picture(s) to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group. On Flickr of course! Let's keep this intro short, sweet and not so poisonous, and leeet's enjoy the action! Starting with...(yes again)

Licking his balls.... - Mandy Smith

Not such a Fellatio Friday - Ashlynn Jameson

Mid afternoon delight - Rachel Avro

Snacking - Salathiell

Delicious Mess - Steffy Sissy

Dessert - Casey Diamondfire

Good Girls vs Bad Girls - Chris Lion

Back alley - Liruu

Cream for the night - Pablo Mendez

Eternal and Monkey Friday - Monkey Jacksen

pool side pussy - Zoey Wild

Voyeur Paparazzi - Zolmir (check out the full set here!)

Ball Control - Jewell Infinity

My Kitten...My Love - David Storm

Untitled by  Jenn

Brea unable to Speak - Miss Emily, taken from the promo material for The Krawl, the latest webisode of Intergalactic Sluts! Click and watch! Straight from planet Scrotum!

one shot from a classic by one of the FF originals, The Notorious B.E.N. in "Morning Wake up BJ"

Well, It's Friday - Laura Richards

The Glory Hole - Emily Pia Mia Moore

After - Jenna Elena

Running break - Jade Doet

Public Displays of Fucking - Rhiannon Tamerlane

s&o-70 - Onyx Marabana

Cumm on the beach - Jimmy Windstorm

Alex Sucks - Alexis Futanari

The series Monster Cocks of Porn is going strong! This is a snippet from halfway so far, and our wonderful Isa with Travers Slade!

an Untitled one by the ever creative Mandi Will

Anna & Larry - Larry Vinaver (check out the sexy album with her!)

Tasteful desires - Dax Rahl

Ravi insisted................. Sexy Sweetheart..................... I am glad she did................. xoxo - Mike Olson

Men In Black V: The After Party - Igor Romanov

Fellatio Friday with Ms. Britney Fairlady II - Thomas Scott Hawkins

I love camping! - Lenny Arai

photo says it all - Marley Dharma

Garage Girls (2) - Clio Von Longhammer

Kitty got a Chocolate Treat - Marcus Strong

she makes me cum buckets - Citius Green

And I am closing the post with a new one from someone who weekly creates literally a dozen of delicious photos , Shemale surprise by Sandra Palletier. And one from the very prolific and easily recognizable in style BigD Elcano. This is his Snapshot_130 . For now!

Okay, we are done for today! Keep making yummy photos, and see you soon!

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