Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Dog Star Featured Model #342 - Bunny (SharonMarvel)

Isa: Where are you from?
Bunny: Italy

Isa: What do you like to do in SL?
Bunny: Posing, shopping, Dancing, exploring, and have a good chat with nice people.

Isa: What are your turn ons?
Bunny:  Intelligence, sensuality, new experiences.

Isa: What are your turn offs?
Bunny: Arrogance, ignorance, rudeness.

Isa: What is your sexual preference?
Bunny: Bisexual

Isa: What mesh do you use?
Bunny: Maitreya / Genus

Isa: Do you have a Flickr account?
Bunny: Yes - here is the link:

Isa: So what do you want to do in SL?
Bunny: I want explore my sexuality, try what I can't try in real life.  I'd like to get more involved in SL porn.  I think it's exciting and if well done, it's a beautiful art form.  

Photoshoot shot on location at Amrum.

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