Thursday, December 23, 2021

Dog Star Productions Featured Model #341 - Ayden Toland

 Ayd is so fucking hot...enough said.

Isa: Where in the world are you from?
Ayden: I am in the United States.

Isa: What do you like to do in SL?
Ayden: I love to explore and see wonderful sims, meet interesting people, dance.

Isa: What turns you on?
Ayden: Intelligence, beauty, real emotion and thought, sensitivity.

Isa: What turns you off?
Ayden: Newb avatars - not because they are unattractive, but it is just a sign that the person does not invest the energy in SL that I do or that I prefer.  And also people with little to say.  Its like RL -- a conversation takes two!

Isa: What is your sexual preference?
Ayden: I am into anyone who gets my submissiveness going and that makes my feminine energy go into overdrive, male or female.

Isa: What mesh do you wear?
Ayden: I love the Leltuka Evo X heads, and use Avalon.  And Maitreya Petite and Legacy Perky.

Isa: What does it mean to you to be a sissy boi?
Ayden: I love handsome Men, sophisticated, who desire an idealized feminine man on their arm, who accepts my affection and devotions.  And Women too...who understand that as a sissy my feminine energy is passionate and I embrace a traditional female role.

Isa: Your cock is obviously uniquely sized compared to many others...what does your cock symbolize to you?
Ayden: It is a symbol and a reminder of my masculine life, even though I don't use it or engage in sex with it.  It's a sign of my submission and sissy life, and a gift to my Dominant, who I picture dictating its fate - the ultimate submission.

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