Friday, January 8, 2016

Pictorial - Chloe Cotton

Chloe Cotton is the very definition of sexy...want proof?  See the pics below taken by Rachel Avro.

I asked Chloe why she wanted to be involved in SL Porn.  Her answer?  As titillating as her pictures:

 I wont lie or try to pretty it up, i love sex. i love to look sexy, feel sexy and i LOVE to have sex. i really enjoy immersive emoted sex, being able to express my sexual drive and imagination. But to me an SL Pornstar takes this to a more erotic level. I can be appreciated, desired and enjoyed in my passion for sex. I love photography and visual stimulation from erotic scenes and story's as well as movies that arouse.. So basically i am a sex-aholic! ♥ 

Watch for Chloe in an upcoming Dog Star video!

All photos by Rachel Avro!

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