Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kara Hawk - January 2016 Dog Star Performer of the Month

Sorry this is a bit late - holidays.  :)

Kara Hawk is this month's Performer of the Month, fitting since we just wrapped filming and released Empire, in which she had the lead role.  I can tell you that Kara is professional and committed to whatever project she works on.  During the filming of Empire, a HUGE time sink, she often made sacrifices of her time and personal life to keep the project moving forward.  She is adaptable and in no way a 'prima donna'.  I recently chatted with her about her involvement in SL Porn and Dog Star in particular.

Isa:    How long have you been doing SL Porn?   How did you get started?
Kara: I guess I've been in it since December of 2013. My first appearance was in a wonderful photo shoot from ATILA Zepp called Snow Bunny. SL Porn is just something that has always interested me. I'm quite an exhibitionist, and well, I love sex. :)) Several years ago I was a high priced escort, and this just seemed kind of a natural follow up. Kind of a thank you to all my clients from over the years.

Isa:   Generally speaking, what part of the world are you from?
Kara:  I'm from the eastern United States (SLT+3).

Isa:    Which Dog Star movies have you been in ?  (I'll help with this one)
Kara:  I've been in Glory Hole Girls Volume I, Black Magic Episode One, and all three parts of Empire. I also have a short appearance in Fallen Angel.

Isa:      Which was your favorite?
Kara:   I guess Empire was my favorite. You were kind enough to bless me with the starring role, and it's been a blast. Yes, it's taken us quite a while to do, but I've enjoyed every minute of it, and the end result is incredible. And beyond hot. *grins*

Isa:     What attracts you to SL Porn?
Kara:   You know, it's kind of funny. What attracted me in the first place was as I said above. I'm an exhibitionist and I love sex. And it just always looked fun. But what keeps me in it are the people. I've really met some great people while doing the shoots and the films. They make me smile and laugh, and are just generally some of the most self-possessed and happy people I've met in Second Life.

Isa:    Any advice for new people trying to start out?
Kara:  Make sure to keep putting yourself in for those casting calls and shoot opportunities. And go to the parties and meet the people. I've not always been good about that, which is why I feel my porn career has stuttered somewhat. But it's finally starting to take off and I couldn't be happier!

Kara in 'Fallen Angel' - she is on the left.  :)

Kara in Black Magic -  Episode 1

Kara in Black Magic -  Episode 1
Kara in Empire

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