Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bad Girls - The Wait is Over!

The long wait is almost over!  The Bad Girls mini-series is set for release starting on Monday, October 2nd, with 5 additional episodes to follow.  See the release schedule below for details.  Girls, for a limited time, you can also join the exclusive Bad Girls club!  Ask me for details in-world!

Bad Girls episode release schedule:
Episode 1:   October 2
Episode 2:   October 8 (part one of the episode)
Episode 2:   October 9 (remainder of the episode)
Episode 3:   October 16
Episode 4:   October 23
Episode 5:   October 30
Episode 6:   November 6

Check back here often as there will be a handful of other Bad Girls events.

Be Bad!!

Isa  💋