Friday, September 8, 2017

Fellatio Friday #55

Another week, another Fellatio Friday post! To kick off with the right mood the one day when 'It sucks!' and 'this blows!' are actually good things ! Like it is when you deal with a bunch of asses and tits on Mondays and Tuesdays...

Or dicks on Wednesdays for Whip It Out, as illustrated in "My first WOW" by Kisses Karu!

This blog post is based on material currently avalaible on to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. Join it and submit your photos there. The only limits? For me, limiting myself to one pic per person. But for you? no limits, submit how many you want: just hey, keep it BJ pics, and human avis (ah the caveats one must have for SL!).
Now, luckily mutants ARE human (right?) so ...

Logan Vs. Mystique by Jagger Draconis (look up the whole XXX Men set!)

Fellatio Friday Bitches - Fonda Stuns_4 - Storm Greystoke

Show me your escorting skills - Sandra Palletier

seduction_5 - Kain Flux

Oral lapdance 2/2 - Notorious B.E.N. (sooo much smuttier on his blog!)

Friday Feeding - Carola Conover

Sunday on a Monday hoping for a Friday - April Jestyr

Privates on Parade - Rachel Swallows

Stoned; Offroad - Wyatt Stone

Photography Lesson - PJ Thornton

Redhead in the Sun - Traverse Slade

Back to Basics 2 - Marcus Strong (obviously check out the album too!)

Early Morning Fun - Absinthe Von Tease

Two Fisted Friday - Ivan Yerkinov

a collaboration work with I didn't mean that banana! by Curty Dovgal...

and the matching Fellatio Friday pic by Celith Wendt

Naughty at sea - Nicho Star


There is a whole MOVIE called Porn✰Stars Blow Job Contest ! How can I not mention it?

Carla and G's new home - G-Mo

Just the tip - John Stone

Fellatio Friday---Spit Swallow or Wear - Gwenivere

Cummy handle - Melina Jameson

Give and take - Dax Rahl

Untitled - Alexis Ford

Bella2die4 - Alexis Futanari (full album here!)

Leannan Making a good impression Part 3 - Finn Hawthrone

September Sex with Neva 6 - Don Roodborst

from the Sept issue of SinfulSecrets Mag, Darkangel69 Vig in Biker Romance

Giving Marcus a fun hummer - Misty Rogers

Suspended FF - Tempted Passion

Cacophony - Mutt (thadseverinsen)

Trio 5 - Zoe Willows

And we close we two masterful shots with the same model, in our favourite daily act. Photographer, DJ, director and recently also co-owner of SL Unplugged (a magazine that has always supported Dog Star Productions), it's Pinky van Tightpuss aka Ayara Illios, modeling in Ted Dosei's FF with Pinky , and also photographer in her own FF (Fellatio Friday) photo.

Enjoy your Friday and your samplings, and don't be greedy!