Friday, September 1, 2017

Fellatio Friday #54

Hello and welcome! This is Fellatio Friday #54! So far I have been stating the obvious but did you know that 54 is the number of colored squares on a Rubik's cube?
That's of course not anywhere remotely relevant to today's post, but hey, I am now going to blow your mind with 54 rub-a-dick photos!
Well, or I'll start with a lame joke and offer you 30 something hot cocksucking pics. What do you prefer? I vote the latter, and I am unanimous in that! Follow me after this pic , for the usual disclaimer.

That's Heather Ashford, Seeking Daddy's Approval ! For what's worth, we do approve!

This blog post is based on material currently avalaible on to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. Join it and submit your photos there. The only limits? For me: I post one picture per person per week, so I wouldn't be able to feature all the great pics by our top 5 contributors not even in another couple of years, and this week alone we had over 120 new submissions!
But for you? no limits, submit how many you want: just hey, keep it BJ pics, and human avis (ah the caveats one must have for SL!).
Not saying you can't play with some cute animal features tho, like in the following opening pics...

Here kitty kitty.... - Melina Jameson

Morning Play with Jacky in another smoking album by Franky Demonge

I Want It Right MEOW!!! 14 from another photoset by our top cat Marcus Strong

Milking Training - Eripom Moonwall

Daddy you ruined my makeup! o.O - Boricua Flow

Feeding Time - Adrenalynn Ling

Feeding Time - Jori Jewell

His Girls - Wyatt Stone

Fellatio Friday - Talisker Braveheart

A pause for air... - Shai Cotton

Barbie lucky licks - G-Mo

Do you love cream? - Sweet Nawty Hon

Gimme Please!_001 - Jagger Draconis

FF with Bibble & Pinky - Ted Dosei

Fellatio Friday - Dockside - Curty Dovgal

FF ~ When I Thirst - VictoriaGrayce

In Full Swing 2/2 by Notorious B.E.N. (check out his blog post with Carola and her new face)

Fellatio Friday: Cally Janus - Elroy Click

When she cant get enough - Jamezz Doulton

His Pleasure - Bibble Sugartooth

Clean and Finish_001 - Lord Bane

Dining Out - Rachel Swallows

Fellatio Friday - Jenny Starveling

The shoot 15 - TourDiddy (indeed from THE shoot, about a shoot! Check it out!)

Anna In The Afternoon - Dominique la Rousse

from the contest prize photoshoot, Candy & Cody - Miss Emily

Fellatio Friday - Lesley Aristocrat

Cowboys (Ain't no Broke back Mtn. here) - Moonie

Desperados - Topaz Lemondrop

Stirred And Sated - MDraxula (full sex shoot here)

Fellatio Friday - Tali Dagger

Take it slowly - Cykes Silver

Untitled closeup by Mitya Dimas, prolific contributor of the group!

This week the Stones, Wyatt and John, were obviously on a roll (see what I did there?): we love to see this pair bouncing all over the gallery, and invite you to follow their Flickr streams. This pic is Between Two Stones by John! And the final one is from one of the top contributors of the gallery in both quality and quantity, Miss Sandra Palletier, in one of her rare but very welcome shots where she is in, actively showely her own oral skills! That's 5 000 000 views rewards, second and final step - read caption !

Congrats to Sandra and wish to every one of our millions and millions (ahem) of viewers a week of pure suckage!

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