Friday, September 22, 2017

Fellatio Friday #57

Hello and welcome to Dog Star Fellatio Friday #57. We have way,way more than 57 pickle varieties here. Mostly one type of sauce but with uh, different dna? I am not a fan of the taste of  the thixotropic dressing itself, but it does come with the best packaging. Don't shake it too hard just yet, let me finish first! With my disclaimer...

"Happy Rez Day to me" by Leith Corleone,  a photo linked to Bibble's photo contest (read here)

This blog post is based on material currently avalaible on to the Dog Star Fellatio Friday group on flickr. Join it and submit your photos there. The only limits? Dire for me: I post one picture per person per week, and again we got over a hundred new submissions since last time!
But for you? no limits, submit how many you want. Do it tho, you won't believe how many approach me pointing out I left pictures out (which I do, all the time, see above)...and they did not add them to the group pool to begin with. Let's make the group even bigger and juicier! And now, enjoy.

Jailhouse Rocks... - Tara Sweets

Clearing my throat - Heather Ashford

Give - Luke Fortacos

9 Crimes - Cross Aura

A++ for Social Science - Alegra Moonwalk

BBB05 - Aria Horan, from her all new album Bad Boy Beach !

[ clique ] Erotica Lounge Play - 002 - Nakari Tolsen

Fellatio Friday - Kisses Karu

Happy ending... - Melina Jameson

Fellatio Friday - Outside the Club - Cheryl Reddevil

A redhead needs a maid - Sandra Palletier (enjoy the set here )

Notorious - AdrenaLynn Ling

Dark Desire - Zoe Willows

Party with ραятєє - Joe Mombassa

Open up! - Gangrul

The Art of Give - Anakha

Daxie Doublestuff 2 - Dax Rahl

Helping Hand - Marcus Strong

Fellatio Friday - Zepp Sicling

A biker is a biker - Curty Dovgal

Topless Tuesday - Jamezz Doulton

Celith_010a, another collaboration by Tommy26 Humphreys  (check Celith's version too!)

Lazy Blowjob (1) - Moonie

Leave your boots on - Garfield Schrodinger ( original idea, more HOT shots in the comments)

Fellatio Friday - Automotive training - Brea Brianna

A natural conclusion - Artfull Zane (full set here)

Fonda perfect pleasure_001 - Storm Greystoke

Taking Misty - Journey Texan

Bangcock Nights 8 - Rachel Swallows

Two heads are better than one - John Stone


Kitchen Heat #3 - Finn Hawthrone

And we close in style with two beauties who were not deterred by a lack of natural om-nom-noms, and gave us some extra hot shots. Here you have Fellatio Friday: The Sequel by the wonderful Sparklebottom, and Nikki T (Nichola Catteneo) in Random dildo shot.

Enjoy a whole more day of fellatio, and your spicy weekend!

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  1. I have always found tapping bottoms better than vigorous shaking to get things flowing. But you can't beat a good kiss, that really gets you closer to God.