Friday, September 28, 2018

Fellatio Friday #107

Hello and welcome to yet another Friday with Fellatios! I like it phrased this way. Fellatio sounds like a snack, kinda like Doritos. Of course it's not crunchy and it's more a wet sloppy affair like Spaghettios, but....Okay , no. You know what, let's just move on and get to the photos, since today I there are tons! I am quite late on my self imposed scheduled (this gallery gets posted early in the day usually, to reflect the fact that it's focused on photos that have been posted all week long and digs back, etc etc), so I just had such a hard time narrowing it down annnd...let's dig into the fresh batch!

Beginning with one of the many entries by Fire&Ice's David Jericho Jaci (Storm Greystoke) with Kimba in "I Own You My Master!"

Oh, yes, it's time to disclaimers. Well, the essentials: this post features stuff from Dog Star Fellatio Friday , a flickr group! Opted out, cocksucking based (with leeway for facials, handjobs, titjobs and anything that just looks like it leads to an orally satisfactory time!). Pics from all week get considered, posted, on a completely subjective basis, with an eye to the current shots but also digging back sometimes months,'s all about showing off some of the sexiest shots with a nice variety of models and photographers. Enjoy!

How many licks - Mina

I can Almost Taste it.. - Marcus Strong

Double BJ - Jenna Elena  (have you checked out the pictorial on this blog?)

sloppy bj - Asari Sunshine

Lick it up - Jonny Hung

if you haven't checked out School Days by Notorious B.E.N. , you are missing out!

Naughty schoolgirl page_031 by Elena Starr : do look at the whole comic!

Untitled closeup by Schism Zeplin

But... but... - Sandra Palletier


Steam-9 - Tommy Gun Productions, obviously from the Steam set!

Insatiable - Scottie Leigh

Here's rezzday boy Larry ! in Kayla & Larry at The Minx Den!

obviously in Kayla's yummy view too (check the whole album!)

It's Friday - Kera Firecaster

one sexy Fellatio Friday photo by TourDiddy!

Pearl Necklace - Ali Denali

#857 - Oh Banana - Babi Paulo

Friday Check In - Laura Richards

Lollipop - Jade Doet

Oh someone made a mess - Isla Grace

Freckles - Isabelle Cheviot

Mornin, noon, or night - Kat stone

Lucky Me. , through Futarika  (Emily Eames)

Tasting the Girl - Curty Dovgal

Untitled by Jaffe Varriale

francine06 - Jaida Balakian

Private Show - Morgan Talbot  (do check his 'Noir' album out!)

Taste me - Nestor Feiri

Tongue play on lolly - Jimmy Windstorm

barbarian outtake - Jess&Karen

Felatio Friday at a Club - Logan O'Leary

Snapshot_051 - BigD Elcano

Now i have your full attention - BetteAnne Paige

some droids know how to please a little differently - Coyote Dreamwalker

Open wide - Traci Quandry

Yummy cock - Paula Berger

 Fellatio Friday with Ms. Britney III - Thomas Scott Hawkins

And we close with a double take on a fantastic pose and scenario! Above, Sexual Healing by the one and only Barracuz, and below, another goooorgeous photo by Vixxen Rainbow. Her version is aptly called Ravaging Daxie!

I hope you use your weekend productively (for instance to take part in some amazing ravaging), and see you next time!

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  1. Great photos from everyone... But I think Larry got me pregnant.