Monday, September 10, 2018

Pictorial - Ayela

Thrilled to feature Ayela on the Dog Star blog!!  💋

Where are you from?: 
England; born in the south, living in the north

Rez Date: 
4th April, 2018

What do you like to do in SL for fun?
Taking photos is a big one, of course, but aside from that I hang out at beaches or clubs, wherever there are people - but most of the time I'm tabbed out doing work.

Sexual orientation and preference?
I'd say more bi-curious than openly bisexual. You know that girl you knew at college that was straight and only dated men, except occasionally after a few drinks and a long night out would sometimes disappear off with her flatmate for a "sleepover"? Yeah, I am that walking stereotype, sorry.

Tell us something unique about you!
I'd used the name Ayela in other places, and both that and "AyelaSecondLife" was taken, so I came up with this on the spot. I was also the first person in the world to synthesis some irrelevant compound, in my last year of uni, but sadly I don't get a certificate from Guinness.

Flickr link:

This pictorial was the last set of photos taken of my old Slink Physique body; I swapped to Maitreya Lara shortly after. Not much has changed, just a bit of a boob lift and a tweak here and there.

Pictorial by Rachel Avro

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